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7 Must Have Mac Apps

Must Have Mac Apps

Eager to find out what our must have Mac apps lineup comprises of? Well, the wait is over. We’ve heard your queries and have come up with a comprehensive list of applications that should cater nicely to your every need. If you’ve invested in an Apple computer, then you’ll surely want to relish all the goodies the Cupertino based company has to offer you on a platter. In order to take complete advantage of your latest Apple gadget, we have extended that salver to accommodate a few essential gems from the online store. Take a look.

1 – Evernote:

For Note-taking

Evernote is like an extension of your brain. It helps you create to-do and shopping lists, jot down important notes, attach images and PDFs, and save interesting web pages, all without using too much of that gray matter. What’s more, this handy service is fashioned for all sorts of platforms that range from smartphones and tablets to your PC and internet. This means you’ll be able to acquire your vital information on any gadget, anytime, anywhere.

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You can even share the virtual notebooks that you create, with loved ones. Want to search for a particular term within images? Well, the application also has the ability to scan through printed and handwritten text, even if it’s crammed into a picture.

Price: Free

2 – VOX:

For Music Enthusiasts

All you music enthusiasts and audiophiles out there who are perhaps reading this post through their Apple computer can download a simple music player application called VOX. This inclusion in our roster supports different file types namely MP3, Musepack, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, IT, XM, FLAC, AAC, Monkey’s Audio and WAV, among others. What’s more, you can even exploit the numerous effects it has to offer. These include Reverb, Pitch Shift, Equalizer, Time Stretch and Echo. So the next time you want to put on some Kenny G or Bob Marley, you’ll know exactly which software to explore.

Price: Free

3 – Google Chrome:

For Browsing Needs

It’s now time to zero in on a good browser for you to surf the World Wide Web. Well, how about diving into your favorite internet pages via Google Chrome? The simple web browser claims to load pages and run complex web applications in a jiffy.

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It also comes equipped with integrated malware and phishing protection so that you feel more secure while scanning through online sites. You can even customize the tool anyway you like by adding extensions, themes and application to it.

Price: Free

4 – FX Photo Studio Pro:

For Photo Editing

FX Photo Studio Pro is just the application you need, especially if you like sprinkling your precious moments with a special touch. According to the brains behind this innovative software, there are 173 high quality photo effects and filters as well as 20 pro editing tools and 40 stunning frames and borders to avail of.

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This particular entrant in our roundup caters to both professional photographers as well as amateur shutterbugs. Furthermore, it even offers integration with Lightroom, PhotoShop, iPhoto and Aperture. Besides the Pro version, there’s also a standard edition that can be purchased for just under $8.

Price: $16.99

5 – 1Password:

For Storing Passwords Together

With 1Password sitting in your system, you won’t have to rack your brains too much when it comes to punching in your passwords for accessing different accounts and websites. The program in question has the ability to save your user names and passwords as well as come up with strong, unique secret terms.

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And apart from just remembering vital pass codes, it also aids in filling out registration forms, shopping carts and surveys as well as entering vital credit card information. All you need to do is memorize just one password. There’s even a 30-day trial period you can take advantage of before pulling out your wallet.

Price: $49.99

6 – Pixelmator:

For Image Editing

Unleash the dormant Picasso in you by turning your Mac computer into a virtual easel and palette. By downloading Pixelmator, you bargain for a user-friendly image editor that enables you to not only create works of art, but also edit all your current photos.

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You can expect to be bombarded with a powerful set of selection, painting, color correction, drawing and retouching tools as well as a real filter machine. And once you’re done, you can show off your masterpieces to the world through Flickr and Facebook or send them to Aperture or iPhoto.

Price: $29.99

7 – iAntiVirus by Norton:

For Protection From Malware

After revealing a few Mac apps that had a little price tag attached to them, here’s one that comes to the forefront minus a dollar sign. iAntiVirus is noted to be a virus protection software that’s formulated exclusively for this system. It helps keep malware, viruses and other forms of internet scum away from your precious PC.

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What’s more, the program also sports a carousel interface so that you can easily toggle between your full system, home folder and other scanning items. Although this Norton tool can be procured without even having to shell out a penny, it’s just the basic version. If you want to get your hands on the whole package, you can do so by parting ways with under $70.

Price: Free


The aforementioned must have Mac apps can help you get the most out of your new Apple computer. From utility applications to entertainment options, we’ve covered all the necessary ones that should be present in your computer right now. Are there any more essentials you would like to add to our list? Well, do let us know by leaving your comments in the box below.

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