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10 Must have iPhone 4S Gadgets And Accessories

iPhone 4S Gadgets And Accessories

Today, we’re going to jot down the 10 must have iPhone 4S gadgets and accessories, just so that you can pamper the little Apple of Cupertino’s eye. Now that they’re calling it the ‘best iPhone yet,’ we felt it does deserves to be treated with some of the top add-ons. And if you agree, then do check out the list of companions we’ve dug out, which are also likely to enhance your iOS experience in a number of ways.

1. Fling mini –

Fling Mini

Gaming on the iPhone is surely fun, but it lacks a console-like experience despite the high graphical offerings from a few titles. Sony’s handheld PlayStation series may excel in that front and that’s mainly why we’ve got the Fling mini controller on our list of iPhone 4S gadgets and accessories. So here’s how it works – Start any game of your choice and if it has an on-screen D-pad, simply position the rubberized analog stick over the virtual joystick and press down to secure it into place. And once you’re done playing, the thumbstick can be conveniently removed and stored away. The Fling mini price amounts to $24.95.

2. Incipio iPhone 4S stowaway credit card hard shell case –

Incipio Hard Shell Case

Their iPhone and a wallet are likely to be among the things most users don’t leave the house without. So why not combine them into one? Well, the creators of the Incipio iPhone 4S stowaway credit card hard shell case seem to have done so. They’ve introduced a small storage compartment that’s located on the rear side of the case. Now don’t let a little extra bulk weigh you down. The company does claim its case to be ideal for hoarding credit cards, IDs and cash. Speaking of money, the Incipio iPhone 4S case price tag reads at $34.99 and it’s compatible with AT&T, Sprint as well as Verizon variants of the smartphone.

3. Bluetooth Keyboard Case –

Bluetooth Keyboard Case

In a world where minimalism seems to be the next ‘in’ thing, most smartphone manufacturers tend to leave out components that they feel aren’t really necessary. If we’re on the same page here, you too are likely to be craving for a physical keypad on your iPhone 4S. So next up in our iPhone 4S gadgets and accessories roster, we’ve got the Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case that’s on sale through ThinkGeek. The provider of this wireless peripheral says that it offers a convenient set up. The device comprises of a hard shell plastic case along with a slide-out keyboard, which connects to the handset via Bluetooth. All ports, buttons and camera lenses are said to be unobstructed. The Bluetooth Keyboard Case price sums up to $34.99.

4. Freedom Bluetooth headphones –

Freedom Bluetooth headphones

If you love exercising and really hate it when your earphones don’t, the Freedom Bluetooth headphones are likely to come to your aid. Sweat resistant and a secure fit are what highlights this accessory along with other features such as play, pause, next, back and volume controls as well as the ability to answer or reject calls straight from the headphones. To compliment these, it’s capable of delivering 6 hours in music playback and comes with a hard shell magnet sealed carry case along with 3 sizes of ear tips and cushions. The Freedom Bluetooth headphones price flaunts a $99 tag.

5. Bose SoundDock Series II –

Bose SoundDock Series II

Our recommended list of the things your iPhone’s probably going to love isn’t complete without a little entertainment offering. And it’s a good thing we stumbled upon the Bose SoundDock Series ll digital music system. Flaunting a sleek and compact design, this speaker set is capable of providing an enriched audio experience. With the docking port, you can listen to your favorite tracks and charge the smartphone at the same time, whilst power, volume and navigation controls are accessible through the remote control. There’s also an auxiliary jack for attaching a DVD and MP3 player or various other portable gadgets. The Bose SoundDock Series ll price shows a $249.95 tag.

6. Freedom i-Connex mini –

Freedom i-Connex Mini

Not everyone would prefer giving their handset a bulkier form factor in return for a few added capabilities, just as the Bluetooth Keyboard Case does. And that’s why we’ve got you an alternative – the Freedom i-Connex mini keypad. It provides 11 extra keys that are specifically designed for the iPhone and delivers a much more convenient method of inserting text without the use of the on-screen keyboard. There are also separate LED indicators for power and connection statuses as well as an integrated rechargeable battery to fuel the device. The Freedom i-Connex mini price reads as $29.99.

7. iPhone SLR Mount –

iPhone SLR Mount

The 8MP rear facing camera on the Apple phone may not seem adequate for some, especially if they’re very passionate about photography. Well, the guys at Photojojo do seem to have a possible alternative to professional snappers as well, through a gadget they like to call ‘The iPhone SLR Mount.’ And yes, it does use a real SLR lens. With the case-adapter combination provided by the company, you can mount a Canon EOS or a Nikon SLR lens onto your handset for capturing much better quality images. The iPhone SLR Mount price stands at $249.

8. AmpliTube iRig –

AmpliTube iRig

Ever thought of turning your iPhone into a portable guitar amp so that you could jam almost anywhere? Well, the makers of the next addition to our iPhone 4S gadgets and accessories apparently did. The AmpliTube iRig from IK Multimedia lets you convert the smartphone into a guitar, bass, keyboard or vocal processor and recording studio. Here’s how it works – plug the device into the handset, then attach your instrument and speakers to the appropriate jack and you’re good to go. You’ll also need the AmpliTube Free or the AmpliTube 2 for iPhone app which brings in options of 11 stomp boxes, 5 amps and 5 cabinets as well as 2 mics. The AmpliTube iRig price holds a $39.99 tag.

9. Sports Armband Pro –

Sports Armband Pro

With this next entrant, the aforesaid Freedom Bluetooth headphones now have somewhat of a viable companion. The Sports Armband Pro iPhone case allows you to securely carry the handset wherever you’re likely to go. For protection, the company has constructed it from a lightweight and washable neoprene rubber along with a removable Velcro tab as well as an adjustable armband to provide a comfortable and universal fit. The Sports Armband Pro price amounts to $39.95.

10. Calypso CrystalDock Aurora –

Calypso CrystalDock Aurora

Everything that glitters isn’t gold, but that doesn’t stop them from being attractive. That being said, the Calypso CrystalDock Aurora for the iPhone is apparently sandblasted and polished, then hand painted with platinum to give it a fashionable form factor. And according to its manufacturer, only 999 pieces are on the production plan, with each unit design being a bit different from the others. Each also comes labeled with a unique serial number. The Calypso CrystalDock Aurora price totals up to €349.

That’s our list of must have iPhone 4S gadgets and accessories. If you’ve got any interesting gadgets that are not on our lineup and you’d like to share them with us, then do drop in a comment below.