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Must Have iPhone 4 Apps

Must Have iPhone 4 Apps

We’ve lined up some great must have iPhone 4 apps so that you know exactly what to pick up from iTunes the next time you go virtual shopping. We understand that most of you may be going gaga over the new Apple smartphone. But let’s just take a few moments to acknowledge those who currently own an earlier edition of the handset. The App Store has quite a number of good choices that you can invest in without having second thoughts about them. And here’s the list.

1 – Skype:

Option 1

With our first option embedded into your handset, you can easily stay in touch with loved ones, even if they’re situated half way across the globe. The software lets you exploit the 5MP iSight camera as well as the front facing snapper while getting chatty with friends and family. We know that the Apple gadget in question supports FaceTime, but what if your close acquaintance has a Skype-enabled PC and not an iDevice?

Well, that’s where this solution comes in. You can seamlessly call Skype contacts via 3G or Wi-Fi without paying a cent. There’s even special Credit available for making calls or sending text messages internationally.

Price: Free

2 – Facebook:

option 2

We’re still not done exploring the social front in our roster. Facebook is something most of you rely on when you want to share every moment with your circle of friends. And what better way to keep in touch with your beloved peers than by having a dedicated application right in the palm of your hands?

Through this piece of software, you’ll be able to share photos, videos and updates as well as view all your friends’ likes and comments, while on the go.

Price: Free

3 – Find My iPhone:

Option 3

Even the mere thought of losing your precious portable phone may send chills up your spine. Well, to put your mind at ease, the Cupertino company has come up with an ingenious program that will help you find your device even if it’s misplaced or stolen.

Simply use another iOS gadget to zero in on your lost love and remotely lock your smartphone, display a message, play a sound or even erase all personal data present on it.

Price: Free

4 – SoundHound:

Option 4

If you’re a jive bunny, salsa shaker or just an overall lover of music, then you’ll definitely want to pocket an interesting application that goes by the name of SoundHound. What’s so special about this particular entrant in our roundup, you might ask? Well, it’s noted to be a music recognition tool that identifies the name of the song as it’s being blared out through the stereo speaker.

You can even hum or sing out a tune that’s stuck in your head and SoundHound will provide not only the track’s details but also lyrics to the same, so that you can sing along to any tune.

Price: Free

5 – Thermo:

Option 5

Want to know what the exact temperature’s like at this precise moment as well as how hot or cold it was the day before? Well, we have just the thing for you. Thermo is a no-nonsense application that’s blessed with a neat interface and simple-to-use features. This means you can easily check the temperature without being distracted by unwanted frills that might excite only meteorology buffs. You’ll be able to fathom the current local temperature from anywhere around the world in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Simply tap on the screen to refresh the temperature manually.

Price: Free

6 – Kindle:

Option 6

Reading bedtime stories to your kids or simply relaxing with a good book just became a lot easier, all thanks to this particular inclusion in our array. With the Kindle application stored in your Apple handset, you don’t need to hit your bookshelf or the local bookstore to grab the latest novels or any other interesting reading material.

All you have to do is pull out your iDevice and opt from more than 900,000 items in the Kindle Store. Wondering whether a certain book is worth the money? Well, you can read the first chapter absolutely free of cost so that you have a fair idea of what you’re getting into.

Price: Free

7 –You Gotta See This!:

Option 7

Have you ever been in a situation or a place where the whole ambiance around you was just so breathtaking that you were at a loss for words when it came to telling a friend about your experience? Well, with the app called You Gotta See This!, you can best describe the feeling by showing your pals an artistically created collage of the same.

You simply have to hit the record button through this app and move your camera in a sweeping motion, capturing all the scenes of that moment. Choose from any one of the five themes and you’re ready to send the awesome outcome via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Price: $1.99

8 – Plants vs. Zombies:

Option 8

Everyone needs a stress buster and what better way to calm those nerves than by battling against a mindless menace of hilarious-looking zombies? However, your arsenal here isn’t state of the art artillery, but 49 types of plants like wall-nuts, peashooters and cherry bombs.

Your task is to strategically place the flora in your lawn and annihilate the 26 sorts of fun-loving undead before they reach you. Enjoy 50 engaging levels in Adventure mode and earn 44 achievements to boast of your zombie-slaying skills.

Price: $2.99


Your Apple device should contain at least a handful of noteworthy applications so that your gadget becomes your one stop shop for any occasion. So if you want to check your Facebook account, chat face-to-face with loved ones, dress up your photos with cool effects or simply get a zombie or two, you know you can accomplish all this through your very own handset. Would you like to add any more suggestions to our roundup of must have iPhone 4 apps?

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