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7 Must Have iPad 2 Apps

Must Have iPad 2 Apps

There’s a host of must-have iPad 2 apps waiting to make a home for themselves on your Apple device. Sure the new iPad has been hogging all the limelight of late but there are many tech enthusiasts out there who still hold their iPad 2 dear and have no intention of parting ways with it, at least for now. So what does the Apple App Store have in store for these individuals? Well, there’s plenty for the reaping but we’ve listed out a few essentials that are a definite ‘must-have’ for the portable piece.

1 – GarageBand:


Fancied playing the piano or guitar but just couldn’t get down to doing it? Well, now you don’t have to shell out big bucks to acquire your desired musical instrument as all you’ll need is your trusty iPad 2 and the will to create sweet melodies. GarageBand features a collection of touch instruments that sound and play just like their physical counterparts. So whether you’re a pro percussionist or never even strummed a chord in your life, you’ll still be able to make music using just multi-touch gestures. With the introduction of this application, those weekly jam sessions with friends will never be the same. Now instead of porting all your instruments to your friend’s garage, simply cart along with the iPad 2 and have a jam up anywhere, anytime. And after you’ve recorded your band’s best moments, you can share them with fans and friends on SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook.

Price: $4.99

2 – Flipboard:


Flipboard is your one stop shop for acquiring all your entertainment options in a single concise manner. According to the maker, this addition to our iPad 2 apps roster crafts a personalized magazine from all your shared content. This means that your virtual goodie bag can comprise of tweets plucked from your Twitter timeline, photos from all your Instagram friends, Facebook newsfeed and sounds from SoundCloud. You can also ‘flip’ through other reading materials slapped across online publications and niche blogs as well as comment and share news, updates and photos of your choice. The software further allows you to stay abreast of all the social news that’s doing its rounds around the tech world via timelines and newsfeeds from Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google Reader, among others.

Price: Free

3 – Dead Space for iPad:

Dead Space For iPad

For just under $10, you’ll be able to experience the fright and fight of a lifetime. Dead Space for iPad unleashes the dreaded Necromorph infestation of portable proportions, directly onto the Apple device. There are 4 maps in the ‘5 Minutes To Kill’ and ‘Endless’ modes as well as an engaging story mode to avail of. You can test just how much strategic dismemberment you’ll be able to withstand in Survival mode. And aiding you in your creep –cutting endeavors is a pair of new weapons namely, Core Extractor and Plasma Saw as well as some familiar ones from the Dead Space universe. Can you survive the horrors of survival mode or will you end up as a Necromorph victim?

Price: $9.99

4 – iMovie:


We get you one step closer to Hollywood by introducing iMovie into our iPad 2 apps lineup. With this gem, you’ll be seated in the director’s helm, making all sorts of films that appeal to you and your friends. And all the tools you require are very much present within the software itself. Whether you want to turn your home videos into starry-eyed movies or simply formulate a trailer for your upcoming flick, you can accomplish all this and more through your very own iDevice. The maker has incorporated 9 new trailers complete with original scores and interesting graphics as well as unique themes into the application. Remember GarageBand, an app that was mentioned a little earlier? Well, now you can add a personalized song that’s composed by using GarageBand, to any of your iMovie creations. Move over Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, and make way for the budding iMovie star.

Price: $4.99

5 – Spotify:


After catering to game enthusiasts and movie lovers, we now have an app that will tantalize the taste buds of all music aficionados wielding an iPad 2. Through this software option, you can explore Spotify’s expansive music catalogue, wirelessly sync and play MP3s from your computer and even edit playlists. There are a plethora of songs available at your fingertips and if you stumble upon some of your favorites, you can always star them for easy access next time around. Besides listening to tracks offline, the app also allows you to share all your desired tunes with loved ones and even send them to Last.fm and Facebook.

Price: Free

6 – Infinity Blade II:

Infinity Blade II

Wondering how to best exploit that large screen sitting in front of you? Well, if you’re a gaming buff, you’ll surely love the next inclusion in our iPad 2 apps lineup. Infinity Blade II lets you embark on a journey that’s shrouded in mystery and action. In this iteration, you can plunge deeper into the secrets of the Infinity Blade, the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Immersive environments and beautiful landscapes are what you bargain for when you part ways with around $7. The various classes of weapons, spells and armor are individually infused with their own specialized capabilities. There is also a ClashMob feature thrown into the spicy concoction which enables you to participate in global challenges and earn rewards for the same. Watch as the Vault of Tears and the Asian themed Saydhi’s Estate comes to life through the gadget’s large screen.

Price: $6.99

7 – iBooks:


If you’ve been bitten by the bookworm, then you’ll surely be interested in the iBooks option. Here, you can get your hands on fantastic classics as well as the latest bestselling books currently hitting shelves, virtual or otherwise. You’ll be provided with an authentic wooden bookshelf of the virtual sort, from where you can browse through your complete library. And besides just seeing a sea of words splashing across your clear iPad 2 touchscreen, you’ll also be able to perceive fully illustrated books that gush forth with vibrant animation, videos and audios. Full-screen multi-touch textbooks that are packed to the hilt with diagrams, features and pictures are specially fashioned for the tablet.

Price: Free


The must-have iPad 2 apps are an amalgamation of fun, creativity and functionality. From indulging in games to accessing social networking sites, we’ve got it all covered. So if you’re a proud owner of the iPad 2, do let us know which ones caught your fancy. You can even pen down a few of your own favorites in the comment box below.