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12 Must Have BlackBerry Apps

Here’s a set of must have BlackBerry apps that you should download if you are the proud owner of any of RIM’s devices. The business smartphone should naturally have some productivity applications to keep you going even when you are on the move. And as all work and no play tends to make you a dull BlackBerry boy, we’ve thrown in some tools to keep you occupied when you wish to unwind for a bit.

Must Have BlackBerry Apps

Have a look at this list and download the ones that you do not already have on your phone.

1 – Vlingo:


While select BlackBerry devices allow you to make voice calls, a full blown virtual assistant hasn’t been added to these smartphones as yet. But this is no reason to be jealous of Apple’s Siri or Android’s Google Voice. You can have all of these functions in your device with a little help from Vlingo. The popular application works in conjunction with multiple others including text messaging, Facebook and web search to save you the time you may waste typing it out.

Price: Free

2 – Evernote:


Referred to as the extension of your brain, Evernote is your companion that doesn’t let you forget anything. Whether it is taking notes, snapping pictures or audio recordings, this software does all this and more, in order to let you keep track of everything that matters.

Moreover, the application can be synchronized with PC systems as well as Mac computers via the web and even allows you to launch a search for relevant data. You can also search for text in snapshots of whiteboards and business cards, making it easier for you to find content.

Price: Free

3 – File Manager Pro:

File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro deserves a mention on our lineup as it not only lets you manage all the content on your phone, but also extends support to zip files. You can extract files from zip folders and edit them on your phone as well as compress files in order to forward them via email. Besides searching for and sorting files on the phone, you can copy, move, rename and delete them just as easily. The integrated text editor comes in handy when it comes to finding, replacing, checking spellings and opening these files in the Documents To Go app.

Price: $4.99

4 – Opera Mini:

Opera Mini

If you’ve been rummaging around the BlackBerry App World for an efficient web browser, your search certainly ends with Opera Mini. Its ability to compress web pages makes for a faster performance, and even helps you cut back on your data usage.

Its fresh interface lends a sleek feel and boasts of synchronizing bookmarks or speed dial with other mobile devices and computers via Opera Link. Additionally, it comes integrated with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

5 – Poynt:


This all-in-one application should definitely be installed on your phone as it will never leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. The local search app helps you find people, restaurants and movies amongst a lot of other services and provides additional information such as directions and showtimes. It also gives you the option to make reservations or book tickets.

You can connect with these businesses from the app itself and even look for offers that you can benefit from. Poynt is available in countries like Spain, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, the UK and India, besides the US.

Price: Free

6 – WhatsApp:


You may be content with your BBM application, but when it comes to communicating with people using other operating systems, WhatsApp rules the roost. And that’s one of the many reasons why we have added this instant messaging service to our compilation. You can send multimedia content like videos, images or audio notes to a friend or a whole group over your data connection or a Wi-Fi network without additional charges. And as the app works with your phone number, you aren’t required to either add buddies to your list or remember PIN numbers to launch the service.

Price: Free

7 – Facebook for BlackBerry:


This Facebook application helps you keep in touch with all your friends and share whatever’s on your mind with them, anytime, from anywhere. This is one of the many useful applications to stay connected and with the latest update you can keep tabs on different groups in your account. Liking comments and viewing likes for a comment is also possible with the newest version.

Price: Free

8 – Twitter for BlackBerry:


And if you are one of those who get their daily dose of news from one of the most popular microblogging websites, then Twitter for BlackBerry is what you should install for your staple diet of all things trending. This app has now been added to reflect a tweet details screen so you can even have a look at conversations and find out who all retweeted a particular tweet.

A better sign up screen and the ability to undo your retweets are some of the other features of the latest version.

Price: Free

9 – Angry Birds Space:

Angry Birds Space

For that much needed break of a few minutes during a busy day, installing a game on your device becomes as important as all those productive applications. Thus, Angry Birds Space for the PlayBook finds a mention on our array. To tackle space pigs, all the annoyed birds have super powers that you can use to tactfully take on those evil creatures. And while flinging these critters, you need to keep in mind that it’s not the Earth and you are playing in a zero-gravity environment, so you may have to strategize your every move slightly differently.

Price: $2.99

10 – Blurts Pro:

Blurts Pro

This application proves to be of help if you happen to stay hooked to your computer all the time and end up missing some important calls and messages. Blurts directly sends notifications to your PC connected to the phone via Bluetooth. And as the device pairs up wirelessly with the system, you need not tether your phone with tangling wires. And if that’s not enough, you can read texts on the computer and reply without ever having to touch the handset. It works with PCs running Windows XP, Vista and 7 with Bluetooth hardware.

Price: $5.99

11 – Photo Studio:

Photo Studio

Now this is an application that ensures all your pictures are enhanced so you can reminisce about those good old times even if you couldn’t capture the moment as you expected. Apt for amateur as well as professionals, you can carry out base photo operations as well as resize, rotate and crop them. In addition to this, you can use as many as 115 different effects and a number of frames on your images and share them with friends via BBM.

Price: Free

12 – Pandora:


And the final application on our list is Pandora. It lets you have a personalized radio station so you can enjoy music anytime you want. All you have to do is enter the name of your favorite song or an artist and the application will automatically line up tracks that match your preferences.

You can even rate songs and enjoy music from different genres without having to carry a single song on your device.

Price: Free


That was our must have BlackBerry apps roster that features some of the most useful tools the BlackBerry App World has to offer. But these certainly are not all. You may have your own list of apps that you just cannot do without. Is it one of the productivity apps or a game that you are addicted to? Do let us know through the comments section below.