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5 Must-Have Apps For Book Lovers

Books can take you on adventures, get you acquainted with fictional and non-fictional characters that shape your life, serve as a source of inspiration and entertainment, and more. If you’re a book enthusiast such as myself, you must have access to one at all times. You’d never know when you’d need an entertaining story to soothe your mind or keep you entertained in a waiting room or a long drive. Or maybe you want a collection for that summer vacation to explore when idle.

But there’s a problem with this picture. It’s challenging to travel with stacks of books or narrow down one you’d find interesting. Sometimes, the challenge can be creating the schedule to read one. Regardless, a reading app can help solve these dilemmas, ensuring book lovers have access to a library of entertaining collections on the go. It also solves the problem of a busy day with software such as Audible and Overdrive, as you can have these applications reading to you while you accomplish other tasks such as exercising.

If you are on the hunt for the top must-have apps for book enthusiasts, then this write-up can help you out. The subsequent sections reveal five of these applications, so you can get to discovering high-quality written content from your smartphone device.

1. Goodreads

goodreads app Goodreads is one of the best apps for book enthusiasts, helping you as a reader interact and explore new content with an online community of reading enthusiasts. Amazon recently bought this app, so you can access it using the brand’s account. It also enjoys a seamless integration with another must-have app, Kindle. Your reading list will pop up on the latter, with your Goodreads‘ homepage also replicating the same experience as your Kindle highlights appear here.

This app can help you discover new books to read based on your tracking record, thanks to its top-notch AI system. It’s been around for a while, making it one of the most popular connecting platforms for literature enthusiasts. But its user interface and navigation could use a makeover, hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long before its developers take this step.

2. Wattpad

wattpad app Ever wanted to have a stronger connection with other literature lovers and authors from different genres? Do you want to interact with writers and reading enthusiasts such as yourself? Wattpad offers you this experience from the comfort of your home using your phone. It brings a community outlook to reading; you can get on the platform discussing various literary elements, dropping compliments to writers, and more.

This free app often hosts competitions where, as a reader or author, you’ll get to win exclusive prizes. Navigating the platform is easy thanks to a friendly UI. So, you can always find the right content fast despite its sea of offerings. These extensive collections make it a top pick for discovering the best stories. This application syncs your progress across android and iOS devices, so you can easily resume your stories.

It’s more than just an avenue for readers to read high-quality content and interact. This application is also a launching pad into the world of writing. You can build and grow your fan base as a writer on the application, get insights and a better understanding of your audiences via their comments and suggestions, and more. It’s available for download on your Android or iOS devices and provides both a free and premium subscription service for users.

3. Kindle

kindle app Amazon owns Kindle and also Goodreads. Why have two major reading apps? Simply put, though both applications do have an excellent degree of integration, they provide you with unique experiences that enhance the story.

This app delivers extensive features to its users ranging from the ability to customize fonts to its ease of purchase. You can buy a book from its rich library with just a click of a button, as its developers look to deliver you quality content with zero hassles. As a literature enthusiast, chances are that you already have this app on your device, that’s just how popular this application is in today’s technological world.

4. Audible

audible app The debate of digital and physical books rages on among book enthusiasts, though many people lean towards the former owing to the additional features and perks that come with it. But another player also shares the field with these formats, and equally enjoys rising popularity. It’s an audiobook. A book you can listen to on your Android or iOS device.

Audible is at the forefront when it comes to audiobooks software, providing book enthusiasts with a sleek app design and interface. Yes, Amazon also owns this app, as it seems the company is committed to keeping its reputation as the pioneering force in digital literature. Audible has a free and premium subscription service, with the letter granting you more perks for the month.

You can listen to audiobooks or serial podcasts on the go with your Apple AirPods and Watch. This app integrates with the latter, so you don’t have to worry about having your iPhone with you at all times. You can go for a hike, exercise, and more with an audiobook always a push of a button away. Your iPhone also syncs with your library, making for an easy transition between your iOS devices. You have access to your books at all times, even when you don’t have a subscription for the month.

5. Blinkist

blinkist app Completing a book can take days to weeks, and often you can’t afford to spare such time due to the commitments of your daily life. There’s a simple way around such a dilemma, reading a summary or paper about it. Consider the iconic Gatsby story. It’s cumbersome, but reading essays on the Great Gatsby can help provide you with its plot, symbolism, insights, and more. So, you have the time to take on other projects while getting the full gist and literary devices of the story.

The app Blinkist also takes the approach of providing users with summaries. Here, you get access to read or listen to summaries of your favorite books, often within the range of fifteen minutes. A summary is called a Blink and highlights key points and plots of a book within this period.

You can either opt for a free or premium monthly subscription on this application. It’s available for a free download on both the Android and iOS stores, with perfect navigation on these devices.

Final Thoughts

The days of having to pack a separate bag for your books while traveling are all in the past. Or having to worry about what literature to explore next, there’s an online community of potential friends and reading apps waiting to help you. Consider downloading any of our five picks to your android or iOS device and get to enjoy your favorite activity.