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10 Must Have Android Apps

The thing about these must have Android apps is that you simply can’t do without them. So if you are the proud owner of a Google-branded device, read quickly through our selection and then scurry over to get them. We’ve created a mixed bag consisting of applications that cover different aspects and may serve as useful tools. Have a look at this compilation and let us know if you’ve got some of these in your handheld gadget.

Must Have Android Apps

1 – MyBackup Pro:

MyBackup Pro

Considered the easiest backup tool by its developers, MyBackup Pro creates backup files of your applications, contacts, photos, call log, music, videos, SMS, MMS and browser bookmarks amongst others. It saves all of this to its online servers.

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You can restore these folders back to your device or phones running version 2.2 or later. So install this application before any other mentioned on our roster and ensure you do not end up losing your software and personal data.

Price: $4.99

2 – Go Launcher Ex:

Go Launcher Ex

So after you have ensured that your data is safe with MyBackup Pro, turn your attention towards personalizing your phone. The home replacement application stocks up on tools such as themes, widgets, screen locks and even smooth animations.

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Once you have installed the app, you can head to the Go Store and purchase all that it has to offer for customizing your phone.

Price: Free

3 – ES File Explorer File Manager:

ES File Explorer

The all-in-one file manager in the Google Play store, ES File Explorer, acts as an application manager, task killer, cloud storage client and even an ftp client that lets you view files on the computer as well as on your phone.

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Besides extending support to multiple formats, it allows browsing through content saved on your PC from anywhere across the globe over a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection. Complete with image and text viewers, it even facilitates file transfers between Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Price: Free

4 – Google Drive:

Google Drive

The next application to make its way into our lineup is Google Drive that saves all your files and folders in its cloud storage. In addition to granting you access to your content, it gives you the option to save to your local device for offline viewing and even share the data with your contacts.

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But what sets it apart from other cloud storage services is its ability to create and edit Google documents as well as its support for PDFs, presentations and more.

Price: Free

5 – Evernote:


While Google Drive is meant for creating documents for professional purposes, Evernote can be utilized for other day-to-day activities such as jotting down notes, saving web pages, creating to-do lists and more. You can simply snap and save pictures of whiteboards or books and launch searches for text in images.

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Organizing your notes should not be a difficult task either. And if that’s not enough, you can save tweets or emails to the app and even share them via social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

6 – Wi-Fi Analytics Tool:

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool

Considering that most devices are Wi-Fi-enabled, wouldn’t it be better if you could make use of available hotspots and save up on your data charges? If you are nodding your head in approval, head to the Play store and download the application right away as it serves the purpose of a Wi-Fi scanner and Channel Interference Analyzer.

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Additionally, it keeps you in the loop about the network with its channel graph, signal strength graph and signal strength meter.

Price: Free

7 – Kindle for Android:

Kindle For Android

Our array is definitely not limited to productivity tools. We’ve added Kindle as it will help you unwind everyday, by bringing a plethora of popular books and magazines to your finger tips.

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Customization in terms of font size, screen brightness, background color, screen orientation and more adds to your on-the-go reading experience. You can also borrow eBooks from your local library and read them using this application.

Price: Free

8 – Little Photo:

Little Photo

While there may be nothing wrong with your native camera application, it will not hurt to have one that spices up your pictures. With as many as 70 filters at your disposal, you can only imagine the number of different effects you can create using a combination of these tools.

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This app, designed by someone who loves photography, can definitely add that extra element to all your images.

Price: Free

9 – Seesmic:


And now that you have a tool which lets you enhance your images, why not show off your editing skills to friends via social networking websites? Seesmic will help you with the task of simultaneously updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts with statuses, pictures, videos and more.

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It even lets you sign in through multiple Twitter accounts and view photos from Instagram, Twitpic and picplz amongst others.

Price: Free

10 – Audiogalaxy Music:

Audiogalaxy Music

Audiogalaxy is one application that is not limited to merely playing music saved on your device, nor does it only allow you to listen to internet radio. The app takes pride in offering a combination of both these attributes.

It promises uninterrupted streaming over Wi-Fi, 3G as well as EDGE without ever bothering you with annoying advertisements. Moreover, the tool tags along home screen and lock screen widgets.

Price: Free


Those were just some of the application that fit the bill, according to us. But you may have a set of tools that you cannot do without. So does our catalog of must have Android apps match that of yours? Or do you think we have missed out on some important categories? Do share your thoughts with us by dropping a line or two in the comments section below.