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Hottest Apple Watch Accessories

If you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch and it’s your first-ever wearable device, congratulations on your official move into smartwatch territory. While you’re at it, you might want to take a look at our list of must-have accessories for the gadget.

You could even call it a gifting guide to help you pick out an add-on for a friend, your better half or a family member who already has the ‘iWatch.’ Apart from straps, we’ve included screen protectors and charging solutions in this collection of the best accessories for the Apple watch.

For the fashionista and the businessman

Hoco Apple Watch Band

Every fashion follower will know that rose gold is huge this season. Hence the Hoco stainless steel rose gold strap and complementing case have made it to our list. Not interested in upping the fashion stakes? How about some work-wear instead?

If this Hoco black band and case don’t scream professionalism, you’re plainly difficult to please. It’s nice that you can find a well-cut case to match your brand new strap perfectly, isn’t it? The complete look will be worth every penny you spend on it.

For the traditional time teller, and everyone else

Hoco Leather And Cream Strap

Shopping for someone who likes to be described as a traditionalist as well as a forward-thinker? The Hoco leather strap looks both cutting edge and classy. It’s available in various colors from vibrant red to classic black, though the stitch detailing on this cream strap is one of our favorites.

Once you own an Apple Watch, you’ll need to keep it safe of course. Repairs can be expensive, and you don’t want scratches and scuffs to show up on the device either. Here’s where the Hoco fully protective tempered glass screen cover comes in handy. There’s a wider range of delectable picks to choose from, if you follow this link.

Diamond-encrusted Apple Watch strap

Diamond Encrusted Apple Watch Strap

OK, we’ll admit this shiny, diamond-encrusted Apple Watch strap won’t be to each and every individual’s taste. But there are few other things that say “I’m richer than the rest of you Earthlings,” than Mervis Diamond’s piece of bling.

You can order it through this page, as long as you’ve got about $30,150 to burn. The 18K rose gold strap features 8 rows of 15.14-carat diamonds. You also get the option to have the stones set in platinum or white gold, if you please.

Screen Protectors for Apple Watch

Screen Protector Apple Watch

A lot of companies are making tiny little protective shields for the 38mm and 42mm Apple smartwatch. ZAGG offers the InvisibleShield HD (starts at $11.19 on Amazon) which is a tough film that was apparently first used in the protection of US military helicopter blades.

If you’re searching for something a bit cheaper, there’s a whole range of ArmorSuit MilitaryShield guards on the table too, some of these being bundled with full-body skins. You could alternatively drop your cash on Navitech’s smart cover and screen protector ($12.99).

Personalized Apple Watch strap, anyone?

Casetify Apple Watch Strap

If all of the official Apple Watch straps do not suit your taste, how about making your own? Casetify allows you to design your very own band from Instagram and Facebook pictures. After selecting the image you want on your accessory, you can even apply a filter for a neat finishing touch, before hitting the order button. The price for personalizing your smartwatch using this option is $70.

The straps are made from sweat-resistant polycarbonate with stainless buckles in matte black or matte silver, and matching adapters. Those who want to steer clear of the bother of creating a special band for themselves may be able to find a suitable style from the company’s curated launch collection. Casetify also ships customizable Apple iPhone, iPad, and MacBook covers.

Charge as you wear it

Reserve Strap For Apple Watch

The Reserve Strap might seem like a relatively expensive accessory for the Apple Watch considering that it costs $249. But that’s the price many consumers might be willing to pay for it, seeing as battery life is one of the top concerns for folks with regards to gadgets. The wearable charging band won’t start shipping until early 2016, but you can pre-order a unit right away.

The thermoset elastomer silicone strap promises to deliver up to 30 extra hours of usage. It’s water-resistant and includes an LED charge status indicator, a micro USB port as well as lithium polymer cells. The band will be made available in three color options of red, grey and black. Its selling point is the fact that you can juice up the Apple Watch’s battery life while wearing it.

Charging docks for the Apple Watch

Bloc Wireless Charging Dock

The Bloc wireless dock that provides about 4 full recharges is one of those Apple Watch accessories you buy mainly because it’s pretty. It can only be paired with open-loop bands, is sort of bulky and has a tricky setup process, as Mac Rumors attests. But it’s gorgeous and free of visible cables. The regular version costs $79.95, while the Luxe variant which is currently unavailable, demands $149.95 as the asking amount.

Folks who want a more practical charging dock can dive for the elegant-looking Nomad Pod. It is pegged at $59.95, and also lands in a bigger battery pack Pro option at $99.95 aimed at people who have an iPhone too. The regular variant carrying a 1800mAh lithium polymer battery is a complete cable management plus charging solution. It’s portable and arrives in two finishes of grey or silver.