Musical SpongeBob Digital Thermometer to check on your kids

Musical SpongeBob Digital Thermometer There have been quite a few products designed specifically for children with animated toons and characters engraved on them. Now here’s a medical device that children will adore all the more. The popular Nickelodeon character Spongebob Squarepants jumps on to a thermometer and also plays music to keep the kids jolly.

The Digital Thermometer features the cute SpongeBob on the other end of the tip and also plays the “SpongeBob SquarePants Theme” at the end of temperature taking. The device provides the results quickly within 9 seconds and can read out in Fahrenheit and Celsius modes. So that your kids don’t bite dear Spongebob, the device protects itself with a Bite-resistant shield. The thermometer is so serious about their Bite-resistant shield that they even guarantee against the damage from biting.

The mercury-free device provides a large night light display for comfort and convenience to the eye. The Musical SpongeBob Digital Thermometer also provides the last temperature recall for reference reasons and automatically shuts off when not in use.

The thermometer which can be used to check either orally, underarm or rectal ways, assures an accurate reading as a glass thermometer. The pricing of this Digital Thermometer is still not revealed, but it seems that it will be a huge hit amongst kids with the popularity that the character enjoys amongst the tiny tots.