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Mundu IM V4 Tool integrated with Chandamama enabling a Novel Online Learning Experience

Chandamama and Mundu IM V4 Tool logo Any and every child in India has surely read Chandamama at some point or the other. The monthly magazine that focused on kids and youngsters has stories from Medieval India, especially kings and their story on valor and wit. Published in various Indian languages, the magazine has a wide circulation throughout India.

Now Chandamama.com has announced the release of an exclusive online sharing and learning platform. Mundu IM V4 has been integrated with the Chandamama site, which will enable children to read their favorite stories and also refer to their buddies immediately and chat with friends discussing about the stories that have been via the Mundu IM link integrated into each story.

Apart from being a recreation and entertainment medium, the new initiative is also a strong teaching tool, as the teacher and student can be in different locations but can yet share content easily and flawlessly. No registration to Chandamama.com is required, as Mundu IM integrates and draws user or buddies lists from all the leading IM platforms
The Mundu chat tool makes it possible for users to access their buddy lists from several IM platforms, such as Yahoo!, AOL, MSN or Google. In addition, users can also refer stories from Chandamama.com to their complete address book on any of these mail platforms.

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L. Subramanyan, CEO Chandamama said, “Imagine a grandparent in India wanting to share a story with a grand-child anywhere in the world. This can happen easily with the IM chat. All they have to do is visit Chandamama click on the Mundu IM V4 link that is integrated into each story and they can start a chat.”

He further added that the IM integration is part of Chandamama’s commitment to be the “one safe place for a child, to learn, interact and have fun. We will be coming out with more such initiatives to enhance both the learning experience and pleasure.”

Chandamama.com’s content is classified into:

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  • Classical: Including mythology, Panchatantra stories, Jataka Tales, Vikram/Vetala etc.
  • Contemporary: Including Indian and world history, stories about Indian achievers among others.
  • Current content: Deals with stories on science, general knowledge, sports etc as relevant to children.