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Mundu IM – iPhone Edition introduced by Geodesic

Mundu IM – iPhone Edition Innovative software maker Geodesic Information Systems has introduced the Mundu IM – iPhone Edition. The new launch has been exclusively developed and optimized to be compatible with the Apple Safari web browser on the Apple’s iPhone. Mundu IM, a leader in Mobile Instant Messaging, has been totally customized for the iPhone and is the only IM application that offers users the inimitable look and feel that they have come to expect from in-built iPhone applications.

Anish Srivastava, SVP Business Development of Geodesic said, “We optimized Mundu IM for the iPhone and other next generation mobile devices.” Srivastava added, “We are excited to provide this invaluable service to AT&T iPhone customers so that they won’t miss a single beat when communicating with friends and colleagues on the iPhone, whether it’s talking or instant messaging.”

At present the Mundu IM – iPhone Edition is in its beta stage and is available at http://iphone.mundu.com.

iPhone users get several advantageous features with the all-new Mundu IM – iPhone Edition. Firstly they can access to seamless chat across leading IM services AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk, through a single chat window.

So get ready to swing with your some great music on your iPhones.