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What is mSpy Monitoring Software?

mspy Monitoring software is incredibly popular these days among two categories of population. These are parents who want to take care of their kids and know what are they up to in the web, and employers, who want to monitor activities of their employees during working hours.

mSpy is one of the most progressive programs offering efficient help in monitoring mobile devices and computers. The software has received incredibly positive feedback from users and recommendations of specialists. It has become an advanced solution for many companies increasing performance indicators. If you are looking for a similar solution and have never used, consider mSpy because it provides numerous benefits.

mSpy Features:

mSpy gives access to all phone and computer activities of the user, allowing you to see what your kid or employee is up to.


  • Now you can track down content of all received and sent messages in popular apps such as Skype, iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. In control panel you will also see media files and messages that are instantly deleted by default.
  • Get information about all calls that you employee makes during working hours using corporate phone. Now you know when it is a business call and when it is a private matter. The software creates detailed reports, which you can upload in control panel. The report includes contacts and information about incoming and outgoing calls.
  • All modern mobile devices have GPS that help define where the device is. Thanks to GPS technology, mSpy can not only define the location of the monitored phone but also create geo-fences. You can create a fence defining the area that should not be entered. Every time fence is crossed, the program sends you the alert.
  • Internet activity. Most parents are worried about their kids because they are not sure what content the children access. Most teenagers spend around 50% of their free time on Facebook and online but you never know what they are watching or who they are talking to. mSpy gives access to information on visited websites, browsing history, keywords, and even e-mail correspondence.

It is important to note that mSpy works remotely and is compatible with iOS and Android.


Is It Legal To Use Monitoring Software?

Like all other tracking programs, mSpy has been developed to help parents and employers. However, firstly, the person who installs the application has to be the owner of the device, and secondly, the person to uses the device should be fully aware of the monitoring.

Does The Program Work Worldwide?

Yes, there are no restrictions in terms of internet network or mobile network operator.

Can mSpy Be Installed Remotely?

The soft can be installed remotely on iPhone and iPad using iCloud credentials of the device that you are going to control.  However, if Apple devices have been jailbroken, you will need to have physical access.

You always need direct access for Android devices because the Android mSpy cannot be installed remotely. It will take around 15 minutes to conduct the installation.

Is It Possible To Monitor Several Devices With One Program?

With one subscription, you can monitor only one phone but you can change it to a different one.  For two and more devices, you need to buy two and more subscriptions. For those who would like to monitor several devices at a time, mSpy has Family Kit subscription.