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MSP 450 Champion, MSP 455 XLC Printers for 9 Indian Languages launched by TVS Electronics (TVSE)

TVSE MSP 450 Champion TVS Electronics has announced the availability of its pioneering range of MSP printers with integrated UNICODE support for 9 Indian languages namely: Devnagari, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, and Punjabi, thereby improving the compatibility and performance of the printers for language computing and printing.

The MSP 450 Champion and MSP 455 XLC models of printers that have included the UNICODE standard TVSE MSP 455 XLC are available in both 80 column and 136 column printing to meet various customer needs. Now citizens can have government forms and other documents printed in their own mother tongues.

The MSP 450 Champion and MSP 455 XLC models have speed capabilities of 360 cps (characters per second) and 400 cps respectively, with an ability to print at 250 cps in Indian languages. They are expected to be extensively useful in government departments; which require multi-lingual printing for internal circulars/memos, citizen transaction statements like land records, birth/death certificates, FIR, etc; and educational institutions and research departments.

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S. Narendran, Head Marketing, TVS Electronics, said, “With the increase in IT penetration in different tier cities, language applications have increasingly become the order of the day. It is a strategic move to ensure that we leverage the language opportunity growing in the country with our basket of language solutions. With the launch of the MSP printers, TVS-E expects to add an additional 5 percent to its market share in the dot matrix printer segment.”

The MSP 450 Champion and MSP 455 XLC printers are available across India, at all TVS-E authorized dealer partners for Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 13,000 respectively.

Features of MSP 450 Champion Printer:

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  • True Language Printer -ability to support 10 Indian languages and any three at a time including English & Devanagari
  • Buffer Memory – 40 KB
  • Wide Operating Voltage – 150 V AC to 270 V AC
  • Built-in Barcode fonts
  • High Copy capability – Original+3 copies
  • Features of MSP 455 XLC Printer:

  • ISCII-91, PC-ISCII & Tamilnet – 99 based Indian Language Script Fonts
  • Excellent Draft Speed Printing
  • Wide Operating Voltage – 150 – 270 V AC
  • Flexible Paper handling – Top, Rear & Bottom
  • Accurate Tear Off
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