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MSN Live Hotmail now offers Custom Email IDs in India via CoolHotmail

cool hotmail logo Remember the time when Microsoft announced the availability of unique email ids with the first one of the lot being lokhandwalarocks.com. Now, Microsoft India has expanded the choice of email ids with the launch of over 250 custom domains on coolhotmail.com.

The launch of coolhotmail is part of the company’s plan to offer distinct personalized email ids powered by Windows Live Hotmail. Here, a user will be able to pick and choose an email id that reflects his or her personality. The best part is that it’s free of cost.

For instance, a user from Mumbai could have an email id like yourname@mumbaimail.in, yourname@mumbairocks.in or even youname@iliveinmalabarhill.com to add a touch of personalization.

According to Jaspreet Bindra, Country Manager, Online Services Business, Microsoft India, “Our research shows that the youth today want their own identity and there are not enough email ids available to truly describe one’s personality. An email id is a part of one’s own identity and since people use email as the primary mode of contact, it is important to have an email id which is unique. This led us to roll out a comprehensive list of free personalized email ids that will allow users more choice in an email id with all the added features of their Windows Live Hotmail account.”

As of now around 250 unique email ids are available for user to choose from on coolhotmail.com. We couldn’t resist letting you in on some of the interesting ones:

  • clubaishwarya.com
  • clubamitabh.in
  • clubdhoni.com
  • clubsachin.in
  • goagoagoa.com
  • goaisbliss.com
  • goarocks.com
  • headsyatails.co.in
  • iambald.in
  • iamcrazy.in
  • iamgood.in
  • iamhot.in
  • iammarried.in
  • iamsingle.in

There are many more coolhotmail ids to choose from. If you are a yoga enthusiast, a workaholic, an Aamir Khan fan, a guitar player, a technology geek or even if you are stuck in a rut, there’s something for just about everyone.

Besides these 250, Microsoft also said that it will continue to unveil more and more new custom domains for users over the months to come.

Microsoft India will also look at feedback received from users and communities so that they will be able to provide users more personalized email ids on demand.