MSI Wind Love Edition Notebook announced for Social Cause

MSI Wind Love Edition

After the success of 10-inch Wind notebook, MSI has announced to launch Love Edition of the device.

The new Love Edition of Wind notebook is designated to social cause of notebook donation programs. These notebooks will be donated to children in rural and remote areas all over the world.

Earlier MSI Wind was available in three colors including Angel White, Empire Black and Romantic Pink. However the Love Edition model features tans, bright silver and shining gold hearts pattern on a pure white chassis.

The distinct look of the notebook conveys a sense of gentle softness and represents social responsibility. MSI claims that the donated notebooks will make poor children computer literate and connect them to the world through internet.

MSI’s charity program will be undertaken in countries like Taiwan, China, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Korea.

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