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MSI Mainboards Now Ready to Support Phenom Socket AM2+ Processors

MSI AM2+ Compatible Processor Recently Phenom had launched quad-core processor, which adopts new Socket AM2+ design. The new series allows the transmission bandwidth to effectively rise. Hence now MSI has announced to update its mainboards to support the new generation Socket AM2 + processors.

MSI has introduced the new AMD 790 series of mainboard especially made for gamers, to experience high performance of the native Socket AM2+ products.

Besides, MSI has also released BIOS update, which will help previously launched Socket AM2 mainboards to be compatible with the new Socket AM2+ processor.

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MSI Mainboards Chipsets Bios ERP Numbers are as followed:

  • K9A2 CF AMD 790X A7388AMS.111 7388-010
  • K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX A7376AMS.10E 7376-010
  • K9AG Neo2 AMD 690G A7368AMS.209 7368-020
  • K9AG Neo2-Digital AMD 690G A7368AMS.209 7368-010
  • K9AGM3-F AMD 690V A7367AMS.G01 7367-030
  • K9AGM3-FD AMD 690G A7367AMS.G01 7367-010
  • K9AGM3-FIH AMD 690G A7367AMS.206 7367-020
  • K9N Neo V3 NVIDIA nForce 560 A7369NMS.30B 7369-010
  • K9N Neo V2 NVIDIA nForce 520 A7369NMS.30B 7369-020
  • K9NGM3-FIH NVIDIA GeForce 7050 A7349NMS.H07 7349-010
  • K9NGM3-FD NVIDIA GeForce 7050 A7349NMS.U01 7349-020
  • K9NGM3-FD(TPM) NVIDIA GeForce 7050 A7349NMS.W01 7349-030
  • K9NGM3-FD V2 NVIDIA GeForce 7050 A7349NMS.S06 7349-040
  • K9AGM4-L AMD 690V A7373AMS.204 7373-020
  • K9AGM4-F AMD 690V A7373AMS.204 7373-030
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