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MSI introduces U115 Hybrid, the first hybrid storage netbook

MSI U115 Hybrid Netbook

MSI, the company widely known for its notebooks, graphic cards and servers has officially launched the world’s first hybrid storage netbook dubbed as MSI U115. The netbook boasts of a simultaneous operational capacity of both SSD and HDD hard drives.

With a unique blend of both SSD and HDD features, the U115 Hybrid is packed with the MSI Exclusive Hybrid Storage technology. The particular technology when used in the ‘Eco On Mode’ terminates the connection temporarily, thus saving on power.

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Users have a choice of selecting the SSD system when operating with Windows and the HDD system for file storage. It functions primarily with the SSD system that is not only has much faster file retrieving capabilities than the HDD system but it also uses less power.

Other features of the notebook include a powerful Intel Menlow platform with Atom Processor, large keyboard and touchpad, 10 inch wide LCD display with 1024×600 resolution and LED power-saving backlight technology. In addition the device is ultra portable too as it is just 26 cm in length, 18 cm in width and about 19-31.5 mm in thickness.

With the power efficient build-up, the MSI U115 Hybrid also has a large battery life, 4 in 1 card reader, Intel Poulsbo US15W chipset, Genuine Windows XP Home OS, 2.0M webcam and Bluetooth 2.0.

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There are no details on the pricing and availability yet.

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