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Mozilla Labs Introduces Ubiquity for Users to Create Web Mashups

Ubiquity Logo Mozilla Labs has announced its new open-source experiment called Ubiquity. Available as a Firefox plugin, Ubiquity is aimed at simplifying web related tasks. Ubiquity allows average users to easily create mashups without any advance knowledge.

Aza Raskin, head of user experience at Mozilla, said in a blog post, “Most people do not have an easy way to manage the vast resources of the Web to simplify their task at hand. For the most part they are left trundling between web sites, performing common tasks resulting in frustration and wasted time.”

Mozilla says Ubiquity is an experiment into connecting the Web with language in an attempt to find new user interfaces that could make it possible for everyone to do common Web tasks more quickly and easily.

Through Ubiquity, users can not only insert maps anywhere but also translate on-page; search google, wikipedia, youtube etc. Further the application is useful for inserting, yelp review and getting the weather and syntax highlight any code they find etc.

The Mozilla Ubiquity aims to:

  • Empower users to control the web browser with language-based instructions. (With search, users type what they want to find. With Ubiquity, they type what they want to do.)
  • Enable on-demand, user-generated mashups with existing open Web APIs. (In other words, allowing everyone–not just Web developers–to remix the Web so it fits their needs, no matter what page they are on, or what they are doing.)
  • Use Trust networks and social constructs to balance security with ease of extensibility.
  • Extend the browser functionality easily.