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Mozilla joins forces with EverythingMe for Firefox Launcher for Android

Mozilla and EverythingMe have collaborated with each other to develop the Firefox Launcher for Android. Its release date has not been mentioned as yet, but the two companies have unveiled a preview of the app in the form of a screenshot at the InContext Conference held yesterday in San Francisco.

Both of these companies claim to offer an improved mobile web experience to users in all locations. Their goal is to reach each and every device no matter which platform it is based on. Mozilla revealed through a post on its official blog that this launcher can come in handy for personalizing the web activities and provide innovative, simple and smart ways to people for helping them do so.

Firefox Launcher For Android

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And what’s more, the launcher is said to be capable of optimizing itself based on the way you prefer to use your phone. And as the application is connected to the web at all times, looking for and discovering relevant content becomes all the more easy. Mozilla has obviously integrated the Firefox for Android web browser in the utility, while EverythingMe tags along its very own contextual adaptive app search. Both these things work together to offer the personalized and customizable experience that the app promises.

Both Mozilla and EverythingMe have refrained from revealing any more information about the Firefox Launcher for Android application. It is currently in the developmental stages and interested users can expect the beta version to be out very soon.

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