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9 Mouse Alternatives

Computer Mouse Alternatives

Wondering just how many different mouse alternatives are currently scurrying across the tech scene? Well, you’ll be quite surprised to know that there are quite a handful of fantastic contraptions, each resonating with its own unique approach. From astonishing apparatuses to intriguing pieces of software, we’ve got them all. So throw a glance at our roundup and see what awaits you the next time you scout the tech arena for some innovative mouse substitutes.

1 – Touchpad:


The touchpad has been a constant feature in various notebooks and netbooks. They completely eliminate the need for you to port along with a mouse wherever you go. The pointing device includes a touch-sensitive surface that responds to the position and motion of the fingers. The onscreen cursor then moves according to the appendage gestures. And instead of searching for a button to click for making a selection, all you need to do is simply give the touchpad a tap or two. Around the area are hardware buttons that represent the standard mouse’s right and left buttons. There are many plus points to this innovative idea. Well, for one, it helps save up on crucial space and even requires just minimal hand movements.

2 – Apple Magic Trackpad:

Apple Magic Trackpad

While still on the subject of trackpads, the next entrant in our alternatives lineup fits perfectly into this category, except that it slides to the forefront bringing a touch of magic along with it. ‘Why should notebooks have all the fun?’ quips the Magic Trackpad from the house of Apple. In case you’re still wondering what the item in question is, well, it’s a multitouch trackpad that works with the Mac desktop computer.

YouTube video

It’s somewhat like a bigger version of the trackpad found embedded in notebooks. The touch-friendly and wear-resistant tech item support a whole slew of gestures that allow you to control what you see on the screen. Click, scroll, swipe and rotate your way across the internet with ease.

Price: $69

3 – Cosmos Wireless USB Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse:

Cosmos Wireless USB Trackball Mouse

From the trackpad, we now move onto the ingenious trackball technology. There are many companies that infuse their products with this particular innovation. Here’s one such accessory that allows you to take full advantage of the trackball mouse. It sports a unique design that keeps hand and wrist stress at bay, and provides a comfortable working position. The device also comes with an integrated laser pointer which makes it a great option to turn to while conducting presentations, lectures, and demonstrations. Perplexed as to how it’s supposed to be used? Well, simply place the middle or index finger firmly on the trigger button while making sure your thumb rests on the rollerball.

Price: $25 from Amazon

4 – RollerMouse:


No, this isn’t a new Walt Disney character but a great invention by the designers at Contour. The company introduced the RollerMouse more than a decade ago and has garnered the attention of many since then. And why not? It eliminates the need for you to move away from your keyboard just so that you can reach the mouse. How?

YouTube video

Well, this inclusion in our devices similar to a traditional mouse array can be aptly placed below your keyboard without providing any inconvenience. It even makes its presence complete with wrist cushions which also contribute to a comfortable computing experience.

Price: RollerMouse Free2 – $240, RollerMouse Pro2 – $200

5 – Logitech Cube:

Logitech Cube

The brains behind the minute wonder christened Logitech Cube call it, ‘the tiny grab-and-go mouse that starts big conversations.’ Highly portable in nature, this minuscule marvel is endowed with a stunning design and fits right in the palm of your hand. What’s more, it can go from being a mouse to a presenter in a blink of an eye.

YouTube video

All you have to do is raise the cube off the surface and voila, it instantly goes into the Presenter mode. And before you drop that small sensation into your pocket, make sure it’s in the off position in order to save power.

Price: $69.99

6 – Dell S300wi Projector:

Dell S300wi Projector

Wondering what a projector is doing in our alternatives roster? Well, the Dell S300wi wireless short-throw interactive projector comes bundled with an interactive pen that features a trio of buttons that put you in control of the presentations, be it in the classroom or boardroom.

It serves as a writing and drawing tool as well as a wireless mouse that has the ability to work on or off-surface from a maximum of 30 feet away.

7 – Footime Foot Mouse:

Footime Foot Mouse

As the very name suggests, Footime Foot Mouse indeed allows you to perform all the actions of a mouse – the only difference is that you’ll be using your feet instead of your hand. By availing of this ingenious product, you can give your wrist, shoulder and elbow some much-needed rest, and let your lower limbs do all the work instead. It even does away with the annoying ‘keyboard-to-mouse’ hand gestures that need to resort to all the time if you were working on a PC.

Price: $135

8 – 3M Wireless Ergonomic Mouse:

3M Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

Here’s a nifty accessory that will surely take most of you through a retro trip. The 3M wireless ergonomic mouse possesses a vertical grip design which helps keep your wrist and hand in a neutral position at all times. You simply put your fingers around the handle and place the rest of your hand at the base of the object. You can then utilize your thumb for carrying out the left- and right-click mouse actions.

Price: $60 from Amazon

9 – HippoRemote Pro:

HippoRemote Pro

The developer of HippoRemote Pro calls you to ‘turn your iPhone and iPod touch into a wireless mouse.’ The software also doubles as a clicker for your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, and can even control the interactive whiteboard.

YouTube video

It further supports multitouch gestures of up to 4 fingers, which covers pinch-to-zoom and 2-finger scrolling.


Many individuals out there may only be familiar with the conventional sort of mouse options that are perceived to be just a handy input computer accessory. However, we hope that we’ve enlightened the lot by shedding light on the various interesting mouse alternatives present out there. There are plenty of hardware as well as software goodies in our picnic basket. So if you’re gutsy enough, do try to move a little out of your comfort zone and give each one of them a go. We would also like to hear from you. So if you have any comments on the topic at hand, do let us know by dropping your thoughts in the box right here.

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