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Mountain Lion eating up MacBook battery

Mountain Lion

Some MacBook users have been complaining about the drop in the battery life of their laptops through Apple’s support forums, ever since they adopted Mountain Lion. The new OS apparently reduces the power life to about half of what the Lion platform was capable of offering.

According to ArsTechnica, these complaints have been pouring in since the new version of the operating system was launched towards the end of the last month, but Apple is looking into the matter only now. Reportedly, in some cases it is even possible to notice the battery drains through the power indicator of the laptop.

Although the actual reason for this problem is not known as of now, it could either be due to the increase in CPU usage, network connection issues or file permission errors. The aforementioned website also reveals that the company in question is now contacting those who have reported about the sudden decrease in battery life. Their activity monitor data and system information is being taken into account in order to get to the root of the problem.

The latest version of Mac OS X tags along as many as 200 new features inclusive of the Messages app, Notification Center, Game Center and AirPlay Mirroring amongst others. Additionally, it has been integrated with iCloud and Facebook along with the Dictation feature, the last mentioned being capable of converting speech to text. Only Mac computers with at least 2GB RAM, 8GB free storage and running either Lion or Snow Leopard are eligible to be upgraded to Mountain Lion.

Apple naturally chooses to keep mum over battery issues of the latest Mountain Lion OS.