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Motorola’s Power Pack Micro looks like a Zippo, provides backup battery and more

Among the barrage of products Motorola has unleashed on us today is another highly interesting gadget that goes by the name Power Pack Micro. It’s essentially a $39.99 power bank to provide battery backup for your devices, but it also serves two more important functions.

By acting as your keychain, it can assist you in finding your keys whenever you misplace them. Once it’s paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can send a signal to it so that it emanates a beep loud enough to direct you right towards it.

Power Pack Micro

The second important trait is the ability to find your phone if you’ve misplaced it. A button on the Power Pack Micro makes the paired phone ring whenever pressed, so that you can easily get it back without having to borrow someone else’s phone to call yours.

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The top of this gadget opens to reveal its microUSB point that you can directly insert into your smartphone’s charging port. A cool feature is that if the Power Pack Micro itself is running low on juice it sends a notification on your connected device reminding you to charge it.

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Available in a total of eight colors, this power bank possesses a 1500mAh battery. It is sized at 41mm x 17mm x 60mm, and tips the scales at 48gms. It’s part of a family of such products, the other members of which can be expected to be unveiled in the future, most probably with higher capacities.

The Power Pack Micro from Motorola is set to go on sale later today in the US at the above mentioned price.