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Motorola releases D10 and D11 cordless phones for homes

Motorola D10 and D11

Motorola has released two new cordless home phone models in UK – the D10 and D11.

The phones are simple but come with a special purpose of introducing environment friendly cordless phones for the homes. They automatically adjust to power consumption depending on how far they are from base unit and save energy.

Also, D10 and D11 have been made out of atleast 20 percent recycled materials to reduce the carbon footage.

They come with ultra-slim designs that Motorola says is perfect for contemporary interiors.

These can save upto 100 phonebook entries, offer polyphonic ringtones, handsfree speaker phone and amber ‘easy-to-read’ backlit displays.

The D11 also features SMS messaging, 3-way conference calling facility, laser-etched backlit keypad.

Both the models are available with digital answering machine that offers both visual and audible message alerts plus remote access to messages.

Additionally, both the D10 and D11 feature an illuminated 4 cm full color screen, a “glow-ring” that pulsates to indicate missed calls and messages and other events.

They are available in the versions of standard or TAMs.

The Motorola D10 and D11 will be made available this month via high street retailers, catalogues and also via Motorola dealers.