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Motorola Project Ara modular phone’s prototype is almost ready

The Motorola Ara modular phone’s prototype is almost ready which means that we may not have to wait for too long to see this device in action. This bit of information was given out by none other than the CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside during an interview with YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Details regarding the device’s specifications or availability have obviously not been revealed, but the company executive has confirmed that we will not have to wait very long for the gadget. It was the guys over at TechnoBuffalo who happened to spot the interview on YouTube. The highly customizable smartphone is likely to be made available through the Moto Maker website, as and when it is launched.

Motorola Project Ara

As you may already know, the Project Ara is said to be a skeleton of a phone that houses all of the components required in a handset. The biggest advantage is that it will be possible for users to slide these materials in and out of the device and swap them for better versions. This should not only facilitate upgrading to new features, but also repairing the phone with absolutely no hassles.

YouTube video

However, there are a lot of issues that the company may have to face in order to actually create a device like this. The major obstacle is the absence of a universal language that can be utilized by all the components to communicate with the CPU. Only then will it be possible for every internal tool to operate independently. As of now, most of the components are meant for a specific type of device’s design.

The Motorola Project Ara modular phone is not the only one that works on this unconventional principle, Phonebloks is another concept that is exactly the same and the latter has received the support of a lot of people too.