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Motorola ‘Media Monster’ Mobile Phone with ‘Unbelievable’ Video to be unveiled soon

Motorola Logo projected on a Building The world’s second-largest mobile phone maker Motorola is all set to unveil a mobile phone with full-motion video display. This ‘unbelievable’ phone will feature the means to play feature films on small removable storage cards.

Speaking at the Software 2007 conference in Silicon Valley, Chief Executive Ed Zander briefly described one of the several devices Motorola plans to announce at an event next Tuesday.

Zander said that this phone would show 30-frames-a-second, full-motion video. “It’s a media monster,” Zander added.

According to Motorola, the new media device would be targeted initially at the European market, where faster “third generation” (3G) networks are mode widely available than in other markets.

Depending on the adoption, such cards could provide a new form of mass distribution for movies, just like video cassettes or DVDs have done previously.

“We are working with another company to deliver movies on SD cards. You can start watching unbelievable quality movies,” Zander was quoted as saying.

Could this be Motorola’s take on Apple’s iPhone? Stay tuned, because more details on this ‘media monster’ phone are likely to surface very soon when the Motorola showcases it next week.