Motorola MC75 Mobile Phone gets Rough and Tough

Motorola MC75 Phone After launching a variety of sleek and delicate mobile phone models, Motorola steps into the rugged zone and drops in its Motorola MC75 Mobile Phone. The large handset takes you back to the memory lane with a protruding antenna on the top of the phone.

The huge phone runs smoothly on Windows Mobile 6 operating system, HSDPA-based 3G for GSM networks and EVDO Revision A for CDMA networks. Connect to the internet using quick Wi-Fi Connectivity and work with ease on the phone’s Intel XScale 624MHz processor. The MC75 clicks using a 2MP camera with autofocus which also comes handy for scanning bar codes and other official purposes.

The phone gives a clear view with its large 3.5-inch touchscreen display with 640 x 480 resolution. As we invite smaller and sleeker gadgets, there are still few companies who would prefer to stand out differently and introduce older and meaner gadgets.

The Motorola MC75 Mobile Phone’s pricing hasn’t been revealed as yet, but it seems that Motorola is set to launch the phone in the summer season.