Motorola India to unveil MotoYuva W180, a Phone for the Youth

India flag And the old meets new…once again!

No matter how much technology may evolve, many a times it yet ends up seeking inspiration from the past and age-old customs and traditions.

Motorola has developed a new mobile phone dubbed “MotoYuva W180” which is primarily targeted at the Indian youth.

Interestingly, the device is claimed to be an entry-level handset and would incorporate an in-built dictionary comprising of around 30,000 Hindi language words. This dictionary will have words that are commonly used by the modern-day youth of India, making it simpler for them to converse in an easier manner.

So, so where do the age-old customs come in to picture?

Well, the MotoYuva W180 is pre-loaded with a Hindu calendar that includes information on various festivals, nakshatras, sunrise and sunset times, tithi, etc.

So here’s quite an exciting device that is targeting the right nerve of the Indian youth with its fun-loving lingo package. But I wonder what percent of the youth is actually keen in indulging in things like nakshatras, and tithi. Perhaps the MotoYuva W180 may inspire them to do so!