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Motorised Suitcase: Lose your luggage weight

PA Case If you have trouble pulling your luggage at the airport every time and you are forced to call in for help from your friends and imagine if the wheel of the suitcase breaks, to provide relief to all your traveling woes and lighten up your luggage weight presenting the PA Case from a UK company, Live Luggage

The case may look like any other ordinary suitcase but it reveals its wonders with its motorized wheels within. Pull the handle of the case and the internal motors balance the case smartly making it light and weightless. The case is so intelligent that it also adjusts the amount of power it feeds to the motor.

The Motorised Suitcase runs for 1.5 miles (2.5Km) with its 12 volt battery which can also be charged up. The company claims that even a 30 KG of baggage will be feel as light as 3 Kilos due to the motorized functions of the case. Next time you travel, walk out of the airport in style with the PA case. The Motorised Suitcase is priced at £700.