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Moto X is soon to be $100 on-contract, add $50 for wooden body

The Moto X is yet to go on sale through a few carriers, but there’s already news of it receiving a price cut. Come Q4 of 2013, the device’s subsidized retail tag will be slashed down by 50%, making it available for just $100 on contract. What’s more, the wooden version is once again expected to sell for an additional $50, but there are yet no concrete details on when the configuration will be available.

These latest tidbits are brought to you by the one and only @evleaks who has also supplied an image (see below) of the smartphone in its wooden attires of teak, ebony, rosewood and bamboo. There’s no reason given as yet pertaining to the price cut, but we’re likely to see a newer (probably faster) smartphone from Motorola roll out by the end of the year. Additionally, there has been talk of a developer edition being in the works with an unlocked bootloader.

In a recent report, the Moto X was disassembled and the cost of production was estimated. Despite being built in the US, it takes Motorola just $226 to produce one unit. The device falls in the mid-range. It features a 4.7-inch AMOLED HD touchscreen, a 10MP camera, a 2200mAh battery and a dual core Snapdragon S4 Pro SOC.

The revised $100 on-contract price will be for the 16GB variant of the Moto X, while the 32GB should sell for $150. The changes will go live in Q4 according to the leak and the wooden configurations are expected to be available around the same time.