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Moto Stream is a fancy wireless adaptor for your speakers, costs $49.99

Motorola has announced the launch of the Moto Stream, a small and handy device which you can connect to your speakers to wirelessly hook up your smartphones and tablets and play music on them. For now, it’s available for purchase only in the US. You can get one for yourself at $49.99 through Motorola’s site, or wait until June 6 for it to be made available by RadioShack.

This pretty-looking portable wireless adaptor can connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth, so you can play music from them without being anywhere near your speakers. And that’s not all; it supports up to five different devices at once. This means you can have those many connected at a time for added convenience.

Moto Stream

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Motorola‘s Moto Stream also features a Heist Mode which allows any connected device to hijack the music at any moment. So if your friend is playing a track you despise, you can just pull out your phone and start playing your own music. This gadget has a Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet and it moreover also grabs NFC support, enabling you to just tap to pair any compatible device.

The unique design of this device is highlighted by its Icosahedron form factor. Furthermore, its five different light facets also add a bit of flair to its overall looks. Weighing in a just 100 grams, it is sized at 57mm x 60mm x 69mm.

YouTube video

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Like we said, the Moto Stream is aimed only at the US as of now, and can be purchased there at a price of $49.99.