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Moto 360 successor could be unveiled on September 8

The last time we heard ‘It’s time’ from Motorola we witnessed the official launch of the Moto 360, and the company has issued that teaser once again to suggest that its much rumored and leaked successor is ready for primetime. The company’s new owner Lenovo has revealed that the device will be unveiled in China on September 8.

There are tons of leaks about the next-gen Moto 360 happening every now and then, giving us newer details about its properties. From all of them, we can speculate that the main device will come in the form of two variants. One of them will feature a 1.37-inch display, a 42mm body and a 20mm band, while the other will feature a 1.55-inch display, a 46mm body and a 22mm band.

According to @upleaks, there will even be a Moto 360 Sport which is meant for outdoor use. This model will ship with some sort of a Hybrid Display, the details of which are unknown as of now. It will reportedly also come equipped with 3ATM water resistance, GPS support and a barometer.

Moto 360 Invite

The image you’re seeing in the space above was posted by the company on its Weibo page (via Droid Life). Motorola is often criticized for its smartwatch not actually having a circular display, as a circular cutout exists at its bottom for housing a sensor. The firm has decided to counter this by boasting that its smartwatch has the highest screen-to-body ratio in the market right now, according to a presentation image leaked by Seth Weintraub via Twitter.

Moto 360 Sport

September 8 not too far away from now, so let us cool our heels until then to get some more information about the second-gen Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch.


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