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Moto 360 has one more thing other Android Wear smartwatches don’t – a light sensor

Even it its round form factor is ignored, the Moto 360 is shaping up to be quite a unique product as compared to the other two Android Wear smartwatches out at the moment. While we learnt recently that wireless charging will form part of its offerings, we’re now hearing that an ambient light sensor will also be found on it.

This is something both the LG G Watch as well as the Samsung Gear Live do not posses. A light sensor isn’t a major distinguishing factor while purchasing a touchscreen product, but if a simple and useful piece of technology can be incorporated into an Android Wear smartwatch why didn’t LG and Samsung do it?

Moto 360

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That question would most probably remain unanswered, so let’s just imagine that the LG G Watch 2 and the Samsung Gear Live 2 will come equipped with it next year. Okay, enough of that; this news about the ambient light tech having been pushed into the Moto 360 comes from a TechCrunch interview (via Android Police) with Motorola’s Cathay Bi.

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You can skip the video to the 1 minute 55 second mark to hear her talk about it. Ambient light sensors are extremely common for smartphones these days and they allow devices to adjust optimal luminosity to suit the amount of light in the surroundings.

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YouTube video

As usual, we don’t have any release date or price of the Moto 360 to reveal, but now it seems more and more plausible that we could see it being released along with the Moto X+1 smartphone which is due for an unveiling this August.

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