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Moto 360 to feature wireless charging say FCC documents

Motorola it seems has infused into its Moto 360 the facility to work with wireless chargers. This has been suggested by FCC documents and the revelation is in line with a recent leak which had predicted this feature to form part of the upcoming smartwatch’s offerings when it’s out this summer.

Although nothing else about the Moto 360 has been pointed out by the documents in question, the gadget is discussed in them alongside a wireless charger and a special AC/DC adapter which will be attachable using a microUSB port. Spotted by TechnoBuffalo, this piece of important information has given us yet another bit to ponder over as we wait for Motorola to announced further details.

Motorola Moto 360

What we know so far is that the Moto 360 is currently the only major smartwatch to adopt a round dial. Apart from this, another aspect that gives it an edge over other such devices which are out right now is that it runs the Android Wear platform crafted by Google specially for wearables.

The only other official product that features the said OS is the LG G Watch which grabs the conventional rectangular design. However, rumors have stated that Samsung has readied an Android Wear smartwatch of its own as well. And then there’s also the supposed HTC One Wear which had leaked not too long ago.

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If all goes as is being said on the Internet, the Moto 360 will be making an appearance at the Google I/O conference where its final price and release date could be revealed at last. This event starts tomorrow, so stay tuned for more information from it.