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10 Most Popular iPad Apps

Most Popular iPad Apps

Some of the most popular iPad apps mentioned below are must-haves for every Apple tablet user out there. Even the tech giant has agreed to the fact by mentioning most of these in its very own all-time top apps list. And considering that we’ve included tools from various categories, they should cater to the needs of business professionals as well as casual users. So have a look at the collection and decide whether you should replace your existing tools or get some of these.

1 – GarageBand:


GarageBand manages to strike a chord with most music buffs as it allows creating music with the built-in, touch-based instruments covering pianos, guitars, basses, drums and organs. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched any of these instruments in real life, let alone played them. This app lets you create music anyway.

You can plug in an electric guitar and invite your friends over for jam sessions as well.

Price: $4.99

2 – Cut the Rope HD:

Cut The Rope HD

The addictive gameplay and enhanced graphics of Cut The Rope have contributed towards making it one of the most sought after apps in the Apple App Store. Your objective here is to feed candies to the little monster which goes by the name Om Nom and collect stars to move on to the next level.

This physics-based title is complete with bright, colorful visuals and features multiple levels with various special tools that help you accomplish the task of feeding the creature.

Price: Free

3 – Quickoffice Pro HD:

Quickoffice Pro HD

The iPad happens to be the travel companion of a lot of professionals and that’s basically why a plethora of productivity apps have been developed for the gadget. One such application is Quickoffice Pro, the HD version of which has been optimized to suit the Retina display of this slate.

Compatible with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync and more, it comes with a management system to ensure access to various file types.

Price: $19.99

4 – Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop:

Splashtop 2

A really useful app for those who do not wish to carry all of their digital content on the iPad, Splashtop 2 lets you remotely access your desktop from practically anywhere. It works with Mac computers as well as Windows PCs and can open most applications including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Firefox, Safari and Outlook.

Streaming audio and video files or playing 3D games should not be a problem either. Also, an in-app purchase secures your data with encryption algorithms so you can even access sensitive information over the internet.

Price: $1.99

5 – Penultimate:


This handwriting application has been added to the lineup because it lets users take down notes comfortably. Apart from writing on the screen, you can even draw with your fingers and share the scribbled content via Dropbox, iTunes file sharing or emails.

And if that’s not enough, you have the option to print the Penultimate Notebook and Paper files or project them on big screens with the assistance of the iPad VGA adapter.

Price: $0.99

6 – Calculator Pro for iPad Free:

Calculator Pro For iPad Free

Apt for basic math as well as scientific calculations, Calculator Pro meant exclusively for the iPad, comes in handy for all sorts of mathematical problems. The portrait mode is for basic calculations, while the landscape mode is for complicated ones. It lets you copy and paste numbers and edit them with a simple swipe on the Retina display. This multitasking tool also comes with a memory button.

Price: Free

7 – Notability:


Notability has been blessed with multiple features to let you carry out a large number of tasks such as PDF annotations, typing, recording and even organizing notes on the device. You can easily jot down thoughts and ideas on this app as it can recognize handwriting and freehand drawing via the iPad’s screen.

It even boasts of advanced word processing capabilities and saves backup files to the cloud to make sure you do not lose your important data.

Price: $0.99

8 – GoodReader for iPad:

GoodReader For iPad

While we’ve already listed some productivity applications here, what our roster lacks is a utility that permits you to seamlessly work with PDF-based documents. Enter GoodReader for iPad which operates in conjunction with iDisk, Dropbox as well as SugarSync, so you are not required to save files on your tablet.

Moreover, it can handle a number of other formats including plain text files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and many more to negate the need for installing multiple apps.

Price: $4.99

9 – Angry Birds Seasons HD:

Angry Birds Seasons HD

Although there are hordes of physics-based games available in iTunes, fans do not seem to get bored of Angry Birds. The title also happens to be a ridiculously popular iPhone app and the edition mentioned here is Seasons HD that’s optimized for the iPad’s high resolution display.

You can even try out the latest installment of the game from Rovio titled Angry Birds Space HD, which has been designed for the iPad too.

Price: $2.99

10 – Flipboard:


This personalized magazine puts all your social feeds as well as your reading material from publications like The New York Times, Rolling Stone and more under one roof. It is compatible with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Flickr, Google+ and more.

The software also works with applications like Readability and Instapaper to facilitate offline reading. And the beautiful, intuitive interface only adds to its usability.

Price: Free


The mixed bag of applications mentioned in our catalog of the most popular iPad apps only proves that the Apple slate truly is a device that can keep users productive as well as entertained on the move. So do you think we’ve missed out on some important applications in this array? Do let us know.