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Most Popular Gaming Tournaments To Attend In 2021

esports Apart from enjoying their favorite games, breaking records and building a community in which they thrive and excel, gamers adore a bit of competition. Since the first tournament in 1972 organized at Stanford University, there has been nothing but progress, yielding ever more gaming enthusiasts every year.

Needless to say, there’s something for everyone – from races in Mario Kart, strategic fighting in World of Warcraft or League of Legends to all the eSports you could imagine. The world of competitive gaming has brought together both competitors and spectators to tournaments filling whole arenas brimming with franchise affiliations, with the prize money going up to amounts of six figures.

The proof of popularity lies not only in the rising number of gaming aficionados but in the ceaseless battle of major companies like YouTube, Twitch and ESPN who invest millions just so they could be the ones to air these events. Thinking of being a part of this amazing tournament scene? Let’s take a tour around the globe and see which are the most popular events you can show-off your skills at or spend some time watching the excitement from the bleachers.

eSports World Convention

esports Since its debut in 2003, the ESWC remains in the lead as the longest-running event in esports history. It was founded by Matthieu Dallon, who made a major breakthrough in the industry by providing a unique presentation of gaming in front of a live audience while live-streaming in several languages. At its humble beginnings, it started out with the spotlight on first-person shooters and henceforth expanded to cover a wide range of alluring genres. In the last couple of years, the Cup has split into multiple annual events with the focus on Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Paris Games Week.

Even though the Coronavirus hasn’t significantly dwindled in comparison to 2020, the prospects for the esports industry look much brighter in 2021. Although open to changes due to pandemic-related unforeseen circumstances, here are some of the ESWC events to look forward to this year.

The start of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 season – started on 18th January, the first major is scheduled for 25th March, followed by the second set regional leagues on 13th April and the second major on 2nd June. Call of Duty League was scheduled for 23rd January and will be dedicated to the latest version of the game – Black Ops Cold War. We have much to look forward to each month, especially the FIFA eWorld Cup in August and the Arena of Valor International Championship in November.

Slot Machine Tournaments

panda-magic-slot Competitions in gaming, of course, go beyond shooting and racing and extend well into the casino industry. Thanks to design and technological advancements that never cease to amaze, these gambling games are starting to look much like the aforementioned games. Online casino players have welcomed all these tech changes with open arms and gladly take part in slot tournaments. As you may have already concluded, luck plays a much greater role here than strategy, which does not make the game any less appealing. Interested? Before we take a look at what 2021 has in store for us, let’s see what slot tournaments are really all about.

Perhaps it isn’t easy to imagine slots as a competitive game due to the large luck factor involved; nevertheless, the strategy exists and the goal of every potential winner is to collect as many game points as possible. In the end, the top-ranking tournament participants share the prize pool, and the best player takes home the biggest prize. Setting some time apart to learn about slot tournament strategy will definitely ensure hours of fun and high chances of winning as well.

Since these tournaments take place online, you can imagine that you’ll be spoiled for choice in your search for the tournament you’d like to attend. We can’t really single out any in particular, but starting with the Vegas ones seems like a logical choice, doesn’t it?

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite Epic Games The gaming scene witnessed a literal explosion of popularity when it welcomed Fortnite into its array in 2017. Just a couple of years later, it joined the world of esports. The Fortnite World Cup uses two of the game’s modes; the main World Cup event and the Pro-Am use Fortnite Battle Royale. Although the game boasts a complex array of possibilities, it all boils down to the survival of the fittest.

Fortnite Creative, on the other hand, allows players to build bespoke courses at their own pace, which can later be used for the creation of competitive events they can later share with others. Once they are finished with their creative island, players have to submit a video to Epic that will choose three of the best entries. The final prize pool has been known to reach amounts of $3 000 000 for the winners to split among themselves.

Due to the unfortunate restrictions brought about by the COVID-19, travel and in-person events have been reduced to a minimum. Thus, Epic canceled the 2020 Fortnite World Cup in April and it plans to do the same in 2021. However, online competitions will be held this year in a never-dying hope of attending physical events in the near future.

The takeaway

e3 gaming expo Gaming tournaments have gained as much popularity as traditional sporting tournaments. Although they do not require as much physical stamina and agility, they demand a sharp eye, good sense of strategy and prompt reflexes. Even traditional sports are finding their way to the online 2D world, getting new audiences and new players to take home the gold. We have mentioned the top three tournaments, but there is so much more out there to explore. Find your passion and give gaming tournaments a try, either as a spectator or a player, and discover a whole new world of passion and excitement.