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6 Most Expensive Speakers

Most Expensive Speakers

Our most expensive speakers lineup is here to bet that you’ve never heard such ‘rich’ sound until you’ve perceived the classy gems we’re about to wax eloquent about. And when we say gems, we mean exquisite pieces of artwork that hardly look like what they’re supposed to be. Besides just providing aural pleasure, all the expensive gadgets mentioned here also offer a complete feast for the eyes. Now before progressing any further, we’d like to caution all those of you who’re holding tightly to your purse-strings, as the prices you’re about to see here will send you into a frenzy. With many of them pushing beyond the ‘million’ mark, you’ll surely see plenty of spinning dollar signs floating around in your head by the time you’re done glancing through these lavish treats. So without further ado, we now present our acme options.

1 – Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure:

Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure

We kick-start the party with a mention of a duo that would definitely brighten up any room with its stylish looks and beautiful sound. As per the specifications page, the sensitivity and impedance read as 97db/1w/1mtr and 5ohms, respectively, while the frequency range of the same is 47Hz – 37KHz +\-4db and 39Hz – 47KHz +\- 10db. The company has drenched the pair in a trio of options namely, bronze, silver and 18 karat gold which are priced at £40,000, £200,000 and a whopping £3.5 million, respectively. The one that’s been given the Midas treatment further weighs a staggering 100kgs.

2 – Shape Audio Organic Harmony:

Shape Audio Organic Harmony

Encased within a gorgeous form factor, the next entrant in our roster exuberates with class and luster. This ‘sculpture’ comprises of integrated Class D amplifiers, DSP and a 5-way active system. The shiny omni-directional stereo system further stands tall at 53 inches. And similar to the aforementioned option, this one too forays onto the scene dressed in 3 types of metal namely, bronze, silver and gold, which weigh 95kgs, 115kgs and 215kgs, respectively. While the former is perceived to be a limited edition with just 99 unique pieces crafted, there are only 5 gems of the silver sort. The last glittery option that’s definitely fit for a king is crafted out of solid 18 karat gold and noted to be the world’s largest object of its kind, according to the maker. The bronze, silver and gold audio solutions are individually priced at €63,000, €300,000 and €5,000,000.

3 – Moon Audio Signature Titan II:

Moon Audio Signature Titan II

After disclosing a few heavyweights in the price department, it’s time to showcase a gem that bears a price tag which reads $550,000 per pair. The brilliant audio solution is christened with a name that’s simply ‘out of this world,’ and boasts of shining brightly with a few interesting attributes. To begin with, it measures 72 x 18.5 x 32 inches and tips the scales at 2,800lbs. Available in any anodized color, this gorgeous gem features a frequency response of 15Hz to 90KHz, 8ohms impedance and 96db efficiency.

4 – CAT MBX:


Aesthetically fashioned to be pleasing to a few of the human senses, this inclusion in our array will suit just about any sort of atmosphere. This includes the likes of recording, mix and playback studios, media rooms, home theaters, large scale private aircraft and mega yachts. This fine system is crafted with exotic materials and comes complete with dozens of bass balancing sub-woofers. And as for the price details, the aural delights start at $500,000 and can go right up to $16 million.

5 – Wisdom Audio Infinite Grande:

Wisdom Audio Infinite Grande

This contender aims at pleasing crowds that are gathered at large places like great halls, palaces and ballrooms. Sporting three section stacked planar-magnetic arrays that reach more than 13 feet tall, the Grande also includes low frequency assemblies towering over 8 feet tall. Wondering just how much this whole amalgamation would weigh? Well, as the company reveals, the total system tips the scales at almost 2 tons. It’s further capable of 120db high sound pressure levels. And while the line source cabinet measures at 160 x 21 x 60 inches, the low frequency cabinet sizes up to 102 x 32 x 48 inches. The price tag for this one reads as $700,000.

6 – Transmission Audio Ultimate System:

Transmission Audio Ultimate System

Get ready as another whopper makes its way into our list. This time around, make sure you have at least $2 million saved up in your account. The pricey delight is fashioned for large listening rooms and is hence fitted with a whole slew of interesting components that help deliver the right sort of sound when the occasion calls for it. As the developer reveals, the system includes 4 separate dipole sub-woofers which comes in 2 different designs and styles. The complete set amounts to a total of 31000 Watts which further equals to 146db SPL.


It seems like some audiophiles out there will go to any lengths just so that they get treated with the best sound in the business. Don’t believe us? Well, a few months ago, we shed light on some pretty classy headphones that exceeded the $1,000 price mark. These ear-candy options are packed with some great components and even score quite high when it comes to the exterior. All of the aforesaid most expensive speakers shine brightly in their own unique way. However, they each have one thing in common – a hefty price tag. So if you’re a music enthusiast and have a few million dollars to spare, which ones would you opt for? Let us know by punching in the names of your favorites right here.