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6 Most Expensive iPod Apps

Most Expensive iPod Apps

The 6 most expensive iPod apps that we’re about to jot down are worthy of a look, especially if you’ve got a knack for buying pricey stuff. They range over various categories such as medical, business, education, lifestyle, sports and utilities. And if you’re wondering just how costly these applications could possible get, for now, we’ve seen nothing above the $1,000 mark. It could be an App Store limitation or maybe, regular people just can’t afford to purchase products and services tagged at such high prices.

1. iStutter –


Speaking disorders aren’t really all that common, if you were to ask us. Well, the iStutter app says it can help those who suffer from constant stuttering. In order to prevent hesitation whilst verbally communicating, this application is said to make users aware of their current speaking speed. By assisting people to talk slower, it should help users develop a more fluent verbal communication experience. It does so through process of analyzing the vocal fold activity and providing delayed auditory feedback the moment you speak too fast or start to stammer. The iStutter app also supports various therapies for prolonged speech, fluency shaping, and Modifying Phonated Interval (MPI) stuttering. So is it worth the $999.99 price tag? That’s up to you to let us know.

2. MobiGage NDI –

MobiGage NDI

Next up on the 6 expensive iPod apps list is MobiGage NDI. To put it in simple terms, the company states its product to be a ‘metrology application used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies.’ That means you can use this tool to create, edit and even run measurement plans as well as automate inspection processes straight from your iOS powered device. Well, it sounds convenient if your profession falls within this sort of category. Besides these, the software is said to integrate a number of measurement tools and gages that range from portable CMMs, measuring arms, calipers to radius gage, height gage and much more. Similar to most of the applications on our list, the MobiGage NDI price also amounts to $999.99.

3. BarMax CA –

BarMax CA

If you ever find yourself preparing for a bar exam, then the BarMax CA app could be a helpful tool. This California edition comes with similar offerings that are featured in its NY and other counterparts on the App Store. Besides providing lectures for all 12 subjects over a span of 2 months, it should also deliver practice MBE questions from previous exams, flashcards and various CA essay questions as well as performance tests for better preparation. What’s more, all material is available in MS Word format along with various tips and tricks to help perform more effectively on the exam day, by structuring the way you study. Although it’s another $999.99 tagged software, the bright side here is that all the aforementioned features and content will be available for lifelong access.

4. iVIP Black –

iVIP Black

Claimed to be ‘The Millionaire’s App,’ this lifestyle tool is specifically developed for iVIP members. Personalized attention and heightened experiences are basically what the app has to offer. And to deliver the same, users will be able to conveniently locate iVIP partners over the globe for gifts, welcome packages, free room upgrades, special rates, priority access and much more. Associated venues include Gordon Ramsay restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition and Firmdale Hotels along with a number of premium brands, venues and services. From butlers, theaters and personal trainers to private jets and casinos, this service seems to have it all. Well, for a price of $999.99 and a wide catalog of premium features, the tool could certainly be one of the best in our expensive iPod apps roster.

5. Intuition Control Solo WolfVision –

Intuition Control Solo WolfVision

WolfVision visualizers have been adopted for various purposes. And the Intuition Control Solo WolfVision tool has apparently been developed to make controlling these optics much more convenient. The setup process is very simple. All you need is the IP address in order to control the device. To make things even more trouble-free, the iPod touch application allows you to view content in landscape or portrait orientations as well as operate the camera through Wi-Fi networks or over 3G connectivity. The Intuition Control Solo WolfVision price amounts to €799,99. Educational institutions can acquire the app at a discounted rate of up to 50 percent through the App Store Volume Purchase Program.

6. QSFFStats –


Last to reside amongst the expensive iPod apps available on the App Store is QSFFStats. The main purpose behind this application is to help you keep track of Flag Football stats for all passing leagues. They include passing, receiving, yards, scores and interceptions. Besides providing you with a more convenient way of jotting down notes, this tool even lets you manage multiple team lists and set games based on their location, field or even according to dates and time. The final entrant also bears a price tag of $999.99.

Just totaling the whole amount for the 7 aforementioned most expensive iPod apps gives us a bit of a scare. So if you ever happen to pick up some of these pricey applications, then do let us know whether they’re truly worth the sub-$1,000 value.

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