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8 Most Expensive Headphones

Most Expensive Headphones

We have picked out the 8 most expensive headphones that are currently doing their rounds across the tech terrain. Now whether you have some extra cash lying around or simply want to be the talk of the town and flaunt some great ear candy, we’re certain you’ll find an apt audio gadget here that will fit your criteria to the tee. However, we must throw a certain caution out to potential buyers – most of the goodies listed below are nothing less than $1,000. So before you stride to the store, make sure you have a hefty lump sum in your bank account.

1 – Ultrasone Signature Pro:

Ultrasone Signature Pro

Audiophiles will definitely want to put their signature on that check as fast as possible to acquire the Ultrasone Signature Pro. Offered for a hefty fee of a little under $1,300, this device has been fashioned taking into account the expertise of professional musicians and hi-fi enthusiasts, according to the company. The black beauty is apparently an amalgamation of high-quality material and first-class sound properties, which are merged together complete with a sturdy outlook. It further boasts of incorporating a frequency range of 8 – 42000Hz, 32 Ohm impedance and S-Logic Plus technology.

Price: $1,299

2 – Bose A20 Aviation Headset:

Bose A20 Aviation Headset

If you thought the audio giant Bose only catered to consumers with a taste for all things rhythmic, well think again. The company has even invaded the military and aviation sectors and provided them with intriguing aural pieces. In fact, one of our expensive headphones namely the Bose A20 Aviation Headset is fashioned for pilots. Besides offering significant noise reduction, this gadget is also packed with proprietary ear cushions which give the wearer a comfortable listening experience. It further comprises of Bluetooth phone connectivity and auxiliary audio input.

Price: $1,095

3 – Denon AH-D7000:

Denon AH-D7000

The Denon AH-D7000 forays onto the scene sporting the best of both worlds which means you can expect a device that’s packed with state-of-the-art technologies as well as old world craftsmanship. It supports high resolution audio formats like SACD and even includes free-edge microfiber diaphragms which provide an extended frequency response. Coming to the overall appearance, this delight is created from real Mahogany wood and etched with intricate internal carvings. The audio accessory is further drenched in a soft satin piano gloss.

Price: $1,000

4 – Grado Statement Series GS1000i:

Grado Statement Series GS1000i

As per the developer, the ‘i’ in Grado Statement Series GS1000i stands for improved. The peripheral in question employs the new upgraded dynamic transducers, new 8 conductor cable and drivers. What’s more, this entrant in our expensive headphones array is also crafted from Mahogany wood and features a cushion design for extended listening pleasure. With this aural gem sitting snuggly on your ears, you can kick back and expect to be bombarded with deep bass, full-bodied vocals and excellent dynamics.

Price: $995

5 – Sennheiser HD 800:

Sennheiser HD 800

The open, around-the-ear Sennheiser HD 800 dynamic stereo headphones are priced at $1,500 and for good reason. It’s hand-assembled in Germany using fine materials for its making. The transducer is housed within the confines of stainless steel precision materials while the metal headband which is fitted with inner-damping elements, utilizes advanced developments from the aerospace sector. The audio solution further provides a realistic and natural sound field with the least amount of resonance.

Price: $1,500

6 – Audio Technica ATH W5000:

Audio Technica ATH W5000

If you had a little more than a thousand dollars sitting idle in your wallet or purse and are a huge music enthusiast, then might we suggest you pick up the Audio Technica ATH W5000? The maker calls on all you audiophiles out there to ‘lose yourself in the experience of rich, high-fidelity sound.’ The stellar pair shows off a stunning design that’s crafted with striped ebony wood for providing great acoustic characteristics. Other attributes include leather ear pads, 53mm drivers, a lightweight magnesium alloy frame, 3D wing support and a double air dampening system.

Price: $1,200

7 – Ultrasone Edition 10:

Ultrasone Edition 10

Here’s another gem from the house of Ultrasone. Dubbed as the Edition 10, this inclusion in our expensive headphones roster is looked upon as the first open-back pair of Edition headphones from the company. As the developer reveals, the basic look employed here was inspired by the wings of a butterfly. It further exuberates with style and luxury as it includes dark brown sheepskin leather, noble metal matt ruthenium and inlays of decorous Zebrano wood. Other specifications read as 40mm titanium-plated driver, a frequency range of 5 – 45000Hz, S-Logic Plus technology and sound pressure level of 99dB.

Price: $2,750

8 – Grado PS1000:

Grado PS1000

The Grado PS1000 is chiseled with a vented diaphragm design that comes complete with a large air chamber. What’s more, the metal work used for the manufacturing of the audio devices is noted to be a special non-resonant, hard alloy while the inner sleeve is crafted by Mahogany. The 8-conductor cable is touted to improve the overall stability and control of the frequency spectrum range. The accessory is further infused with a newly reconfigured voice coil and diaphragm design.

Price: $1,700


Just yesterday, we unveiled some of the best budget earphones for all those who want a portable audio solution without having to dig too deep into their pockets. Now, if you fall in a completely different category than the aforementioned one, then our lineup of the most expensive headphones is definitely worth a look. Seen something that made you yell, ‘shut up and just take my money’? Tell us about it by leaving your comments in the box below.