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Mopar’s uconnect to turn Chrysler LLC’s Jeep and Dodge Vehicles into a Hot Spot

Chrysler Dodge Car

Mopar has announced to launch uconnect web, Chrysler LLC’s in-vehicle wireless Internet connectivity for its Jeep and Dodge consumers in the US. uconnect web is powered by Autonet Mobile, and delivers continuous Internet connectivity to all vehicle travelers for accessing web while on the go.

uconnect will offer high-speed data transfer, combining two next generation connectivity options including WiFi and 3G. That means users do not have to wait to enter in hot spot for web connection instead uconnects will turn the vehicle into a hot spot. This hot spot’s radius is approximately 100 feet.

Further Mopar claims that wherever the cellular service is available, users can connect simultaneously with WiFi-enabled devices such as laptops, Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones, PDAs or even other portable devices such as Sony PSP.

Using this connectivity, travelers can access web, check e-mails, chat and IM. They can also stream videos or download music, upload images and even play online games.

“Mopar’s uconnect web brings a new level of convenience and technology to our Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles,” said Rob Richard, Director – Mopar Part Sales and Service Marketing, Chrysler LLC. “With uconnect web, all passengers in or near the vehicle are continuously connected to the Internet. They can make dinner reservations, check directions or weather, make online purchases, surf Facebook, MySpace, Disney or Webkinz, watch the latest YouTube videos, upload photos to a Flickr account — all at the same time.”

“uconnect web goes beyond today’s DVD and GPS solutions, letting passengers extend their Internet lifestyle to the car,” said Sterling Pratz, CEO of San Francisco-based Autonet Mobile. “The Internet is the future of in-car entertainment. We’re delighted to be working with Chrysler LLC to deliver the first WiFi Internet access that lets families, business and leisure travelers stay connected.”

The uconnect is expected to be made available at $449, in addition the installment fee which would be $35-50.