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How to Monitor your Teen’s Snapchat on iPhone

teen-on-phone Teenagers can be pretty notorious, even though we love them. As parents, it’s our duty to ensure their mental and physical safety. However, that becomes difficult that teens are notoriously secretive about their lives.

In fact, most parents know little to nothing about their teenage kid’s friends and social life. This is risky because most dangerous behavior arises from social groups and friend circles. Furthermore, these days teenagers are also vulnerable to a whole slew of threats in the virtual world.

Social media has given people the ability to bully people and disrupt their peace without facing consequences. As such, it’s our job as parents to ensure our kids are safe from threats both online and offline.

There are a number of threats that our teenage children might face:

  1. Cyber Bullying: These days teenagers often get bullied online via their social media channels. This creates an unsafe environment for them wherein their sense of self may be irreversibly damaged.
  2. Catfishing and Stalking: Catfishing is a practice in which someone masquerades as another individual online and engages with a person. This is usually done for sexually predatory reasons. However, it can also lead to bullying and violence. Furthermore, social media has made it easier for people stalk teenagers.
  3. Pornographic and Violent Content: The online world is full of pornographic and violent content that our teenage kids have easy access to. At this age, one is very susceptible to influence. As such, their mental sanity may be tested with these forms of content.
  4. Sexting: A lot of teenagers engage in sexual activity online, which may include exchange of pictures. This is often done with little to no forethought and can have dire consequences.

These are only some of the major threats to our teenage kids in the online world. However, there’s so much more.

One effective means of monitoring our teen’s social life is to monitor their snapchat activity. Snapchat is an app which allows a user to send or broadcast short videos. This is often used as a journal of daily events by most people.

As such, monitoring your teen’s Snapchat  activity can give you an unfiltered insight into their social life.

You could use the best iPhone spy software in the market to secretly monitor your teen’s Snapchat account. In this article, I’ll tell you about the iPhone best spy software in the market — mSpy — and how you can use it keep your teenagers safe.

How to monitor your teen’s Snapchat using mSpy


While spying on a teenager, it’s crucial that you use a tool that’s completely reliable and discreet. Teenagers are naturally suspicious and if they find out that they’re being monitored, it might do more damage than good.

As such, mSpy is the ideal option for you because it’s the most reliable and discreet spy software in the market. It’s trusted by millions of users worldwide and has even been sponsored by outlets such as Forbes and CNet.

Furthermore, with mSpy you can spy iPhone without jailbreak. This means that you’ll be able to spy on the iPhone without having to either tamper with it or install a software into it. The no-jailbreak option won’t give you access to Snapchat, however it will give you access to all their phone logs, message logs, etc.

To monitor your teen’s Snapchat using mSpy, jailbreaking will be necessary. There are two main methods with which you can spy on their Snapchat.

  1. Snapchat Monitoring: With this feature you’ll get a direct glimpse at all the snaps being sent from the target phone, and being received by the target phone. You’ll also be able to see what are the messages they’re broadcasting. If they’re engaging in any sexting, you’ll find out easily. Furthermore, in Snapchat the snaps only remain for a limited period. In mSpy you’ll be able to access the old and deleted snaps as well.
  2. Keylogging: You can use this features to determine all the buttons being pressed in the target phone. You can then compile all the information and decipher all of their passwords, thus giving you the ability to hijack their snapchat account entirely.

Now that you know about the features, I’ll show you how to buy, install, and monitor with mSpy.

Buying mSpy

mSpy can be purchased in three primary packages — Basic, Premium, and Bundle. These packages are available for a period of 1, 3, or 12 months.

The Basic package doesn’t give you access to either Snapchat monitoring or Keylogging. As such, you need to purchase the Premium package. In case you want to monitor more than one teenager at a time, you can also buy the Bundle kit.

Once you’ve selected the correct package and the license period, you need to make the payment online.

Installing mSpy

  • Once the payment is processed, you’ll receive two emails from mSpy. The first email will welcome you into the mSpy family. The second email will give you the link and the login credentials for your control panel.
  • In your control panel, you’ll have to choose either the jailbreak or no-jailbreak version of mSpy.
  • Choose the jailbreak version of mSpy as it’s necessary for Snapchat monitoring.
  • A detailed jailbreak and installation guide will be sent to your email address.
  • You’ll have to find some time alone with your teen’s phone. Use the guide to first jailbreak the iPhone, and then install mSpy into it. For $12.99 you can even get the mSpy customer support on the phone to walk you through the process. For $43.99 you can even have them come over and install mSpy into the iPhone for you. The latter of these services is called mAssistance.
  • After the installation, you’ll have to hide the Cydia icon which comes after jailbreaking an iPhone. You’ll also have to hide the mSpy icon.

How to monitor Snapchat?

Return to your control panel and go to either the Keylogging option or the Snapchat monitoring option. You can now monitor your teen’s Snapchat on iPhone easily!