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Monday.com Review: A Great Project Management Platform For Your Workspace


Project management platforms matter a great deal if you wish to set up a team that’s both efficient and well informed about what everyone is working on. Monday.com is a team management software that is highly useful as a project management platform, thanks to its collaborative nature and its feature-rich interface. More than anything, Monday.com allows you to simplify the way teams manage workloads, and even communicate with them better.

It’s highlighted by a series of color-coded boards that help you keep track of all the tasks the people of your team are performing at any given time. Now, not all workspaces have a similar working environment, so Monday understands that, and provides various templates for its boards to be used according to your requirements. Moreover, you can customize every template in case you don’t find it appropriate. So if a template with due dates, lead person and current status does not have a section dedicated to deadlines, you can add it yourself.

Monday Calendar

Tracking the progress of every task you assign to someone hence becomes an easy process. Furthermore, you can also use this team management software for resource allocation, inventory tracking, bug tracking, sales management, video production, and project road-mapping, among other things. All you need to do is take a look at its interface once, and you’ll easily understand how you can customize it to benefit the type of work you’re into.

Monday.com’s interface is its main strength. You can harness its full potential to create projects and assign tasks to all those present in the team. These tasks can be given deadlines, and the assigned people will get options to mark the tasks ‘Done’ as well. More importantly, they will have a plain and simple layout of what they need to get done. This eliminates a lot of paperwork, and by constantly offering a visual reminder of the work that needs completing, it also encourages efficiency.

The whole interface looks like a spreadsheet of sorts. You’ve got columns and rows, the latter among which are also called pulses. Both of them exist on Boards that can pertain to the various departments of work you wish to assign. An advertising agency, for instance, will hence have separate boards for tracking the progress of the designers, copywriters, and client servicing agents, with each board being populated with different pulses for their different task categories.

Monday Board

With all the data added to your board, it may become strenuous to keep checking it all the time. This problem is solved by the dashboard. It arranges everything in neat pie charts, graphs and calendar timelines to give you an overview of everything your team is working on at a given time. This team management software integrates very well with other work-related services you use. These include cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and even other team collaboration platforms like Slack. You can even sync your calendars with it.

Monday.com offers various pricing options, which lend users the flexibility of choosing a plan that’s perfectly suited for them. First, there’s the Basic plan, which costs $8 per month. It offers just one board, an activity log that lasts for 1 week and 5GB of cloud storage. There really is little to work with on this plan. What’s way better is the Standard plan, which Monday claims is its most popular one. It comes at $10 per month, and offers an unlimited activity log, apart from 3 boards, timeline view, map view, calendar view, forms customization, API integrations and 50GB of cloud storage. The Pro plan takes the Standard plan, and adds stuff like time tracking, chart view, custom tags, private boards, and unlimited cloud storage. It comes in at $20 per month. Enterprise plans are also offered for big companies who wish to customize their packages. Do note that all the plans are billed annually. A 14-day free trial of the Pro plan is on offer right now, if you wish to dabble in it before coughing up the cash.

Monday Tasks

Monday.com makes task management not only easy, but fun due to its color-coded and lively interface. It’s the perfect tool for encouraging transparency in the way work is done on your projects. And the fact that clients themselves can be invited to have a look at the progress also makes sure nothing stays hidden. Like we said, a 14-day free trial of this team management software can be availed right now, and you don’t even need to provide your card details in order to access it. And yes, there are Android and iOS apps to available as well.