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Molekule Air Purifier Review: Spotlights New Air Pro

molekule air purifier As businesses continue to cope with COVID-19 challenges, many workplaces are practicing social distancing and encouraging employees and customers to wear masks and keep their hands washed and sanitized. In addition, businesses are looking at ways to provide better indoor air quality for their team members and customers.

Compromised indoor air quality is a significant problem. Whether a retail store, professional office, restaurant, or medical practice, a workplace’s air quality can be affected by potentially harmful allergens and environmental substances. Destroying these indoor irritants, many of which are asthma and allergy triggers, is an ideal starting point, stresses Kenneth Mendez, CEO and president of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality

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Banishing these allergens and environmental substances and improving indoor air quality has three important benefits for employees and customers. First, cleaner air encourages deeper breathing, which may help decrease stress and increase energy.

In addition, a quality air purification system helps destroy odors by breaking down any organic material present in the air. Examples include lingering smells from burned food in the break room’s microwave or exhaust odors from vehicle traffic outdoors. Finally, improved indoor air quality enables better HVAC system operation. Over time, this can lead to lower company utility bills and frees up valuable cash that can help enhance a business’ growth.

The Molekule Air Pro Solution

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Enter Molekule Air Pro, the latest Molekule air purifier to arrive on the market. Air Pro includes similar design and functional elements to Molekule Air and Air Mini+, two of Molekule’s existing air purification systems. All of Molekule’s air purifiers incorporate the proprietary PECO filtration technology. This sets Molekule apart from its competitors, most of which use HEPA filtration technology in their products.

Design and Dimensions

Molekule Air Pro is the largest and heaviest of the Molekule home air purifiers, weighing in at 22.9 pounds. At 23 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter, it’s a substantial piece of equipment.

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Visually, Air Pro offers an anodized aluminum casing and smooth cylindrical structure. These features give the device a streamlined, high-tech look that would complement many business settings. Next, the device’s glossy white base is home to the particle sensor. The base also contains an out-of-sight cord wrap, reducing the chances of a wayward cord presenting a trip hazard. Finally, a vegan leather carrying strap enables the user to transport Air Pro easily between workspaces.

Setting up Air Pro

Getting Molekule Air Pro working is a straightforward operation. After lifting the purifier out of the box, the user rotates the device’s top cover and places the PECO-Filter inside the unit. Next, the user secures the top cover. Finally, they’ll plug the power cord into the unit’s underside and then into a wall outlet.

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Once Air Pro has power, the unit’s top-surface touch screen should light up and enter operating mode. Alternatively, the user can download the Molekule app onto their IOS or Android smartphone. By adding Air Pro to the business’ Wi-Fi network, the user can send fan speed setting instructions and obtain data from any remote location.

How Air Pro’s PECO-Filter Works

Molekule Air Pro benefits from the company’s patented air purification technology, refined during 25 years of targeted research and development work. Independent testing facilities, along with university research laboratories, have verified Molekule’s test results.

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Here’s how it works. First, Air Pro’s specially constructed multi-layer filter traps an assortment of potentially harmful particulates. Next, this Photo Electrochemical Oxidation filter (also called a PECO-Filter) uses UV light to activate a catalyst that annihilates the particles’ molecular structures.

Molekule Air Pro traps and destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Air Pro also provides real-time data on particulates such as pollen and other allergens. In addition, Air Pro easily destroys common air pollutants such as tobacco smoke. Air Pro also destroys black mold spores, bacterial spores, and staphylococcus. This hardworking air purifier also removes RNA and DNA viruses from the air. Finally, Air Pro doesn’t produce ozone emissions. Instead, the device’s PECO-Filter destroys the ozone in a room’s air.

Additional Features

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Along with six manually adjustable fan speed settings, Molekule Air Pro offers two Auto Protect modes: Quiet and Standard. The Quiet mode makes sense for business meetings, conference calls, and other functions that require quieter operation. Both Auto Protect modes enable Molekule Air Pro’s sensors to gauge particulate matter concentration in the air of the room it’s operating in. In response, the unit will adjust its fan speed to match the current particulate load. This “hands off” function frees the user to perform other tasks while Air Pro hums away.

Designed Coverage Area

Molekule Air Pro is designed to treat up to 1,000 square feet of air space. That translates to a spacious office, a medical or professional practice, an open-layout restaurant, or a good-sized retail store.

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Molekule Air Pro: An Attractive Option

Molekule Air Pro certainly is a top-tier air purification system. Air Pro’s 1,000-square-foot coverage and proven results make it an attractive option for businesses that are ready to make the commitment to cleaner indoor air.

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