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Modzlab Halo Reach Modded Controller for Xbox 360 goes live

Halo Reach Modded Controller

Stock controllers that come bundled with consoles might fall short in certain aspects, but the Modzlab Halo Reach Modded Controller for Xbox 360 systems could make up for the losses through its custom offerings that apparently bring in better control and a stylish design. To deliver an enriched gaming experience, each of these devices is equipped with a Rapid Fire chip which tags along different modes for various titles.

This new lineup should cater to the needs of almost every Halo enthusiast through a number of add-ons supplied by the company. Players basically have a choice of standard, glossy, flat jacket or hydro dipped controllers. The first option places itself as a more effective replacement to the stock device by retaining the classic design of the original and at the same time, improving users’ in-game performance. The glossy and flat jacket variants are said to be developed exclusively for the Halo Reach game .

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The glossy device is built for both casual as well as tournament gaming and proffers a shiny design in hues of black and white or red and blue color options, while the flat jacket controller comes with a camouflaged appearance, drenched in a wide variety of shades. The last offering from the company is the hydro dipped lineup that can be picked up in color tones of black splatter and red splatter or blue drop, skulls and the classic carbon fiber.

As we’ve already pointed out, each device within the Modzlab Halo Reach Modded Controller series employs a Rapid Fire chip that allows users to switch between 5 game modes. The first selection is a universal mode that brings in 30 shots per second capabilities, whilst the last option is user configurable. The remaining 3 are designed for specific FPS titles like Dual Trigger, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, Gears Of War Series COD MW2 and COD Black Ops.

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The Modzlab Halo Reach Modded Controller for Xbox 360 price amounts to $79.95. All devices within the series are available online through the company website.