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MobileAdda, a Mobile Version of Social Networking Site BigAdda Introduced


Indian social networking site BigAdda today announced to introduce Mobile Adda, a mobile version of its site. The new mobile site enables users to search for a friend, invite them from the phonebook, communicate with friends through innovative options like text, voice and photo scribbles.

BigAdda believes that, phonebook is the closest replica of ones social and professional contacts, hence syncing it with the MobileAdda would help users to find and add their contacts quickly.

Speaking about the launch of MobileAdda, Nikhil Soman, Chief Technology Officer, BigAdda said, “Social Networking is not restricted to the confines of the pc browser. In India, mobile phones are the preferred and mostly the sole means of connecting with friends and family. This year we are all set to refine and redefine the boundaries of Social Networking in India. This will be a major departure for users of social networks, from being an occasional visitor to now proactively driving their networks.”

The platform is available as an integrated offering across SMS, WAP and as an installable application. Further it supports over 500 different mobile phone models.

Key features of the MobileAdda are as follows:

  • Sign up/sign in
  • Scribbles: Receive, read, reply and send (Text/Audio/photo scribbles)
  • Emoticons and Shout outs
  • Friend Requests: Accept, Decline and Send
  • Search : name, age, Work place, school/ colleges, ProfileID
  • Invite: By phone numbers, email, phonebook gobbler
  • Backup and retrieve phonebook
  • Online status: Know when friends are online
  • Photos: Click and send, View
  • Privacy: Choose to receive scribbles only from friends
  • Users can access Mobile Adda though SMS by sending a text message “BIGADDA” to 55454. WAP users can avail the service at wap.bigadda.com. Users can download the client application and install it on their phones by sending a SMS “ADDA” to 55454 or by visiting wap.bigadda.com/download.