Oppo ‘Slide Phone’ Concept Features Triple-Folding Design

Oppo Triple Folding Phone
Oppo x Nendo

OPPO has introduced a new concept smartphone known as ‘Slide Phone’ that offers a triple-hinge foldable design in collaboration with leading Japanese design studio Nendo.

The OPPO Slide Phone is similar to the size of a credit card. It measures 54mm x 84mm in its folded state and features three hinges that bend over in the same direction.

Oppo Slide Phone Concept
Oppo x Nendo

“The concept of ‘slide-phone’ is that smartphone users are using their phones to interact with the world around them more, yet the devices are often too large in size. The triple-fold allows the user to change the size to fit the occasion,” the company said in a statement.

Sliding open the first fold would reveal 40mm of the screen to view the time, call history, notifications or a music player interface.

The next slide would open up 80mm of the screen as well as the camera. This would help in taking selfies and making video calls.

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In its completely unfolded state, the phone’s display would measure seven inches.

The company says that the phone would offer a slim form factor, which is designed to be partially bent, too.