LG Wing With Rotating Display to Cost $840

LG Wing Dual Screen Phone Leaked
Image credit: YouTube/Android Authority

LG is set to launch a new smartphone with a rotating form factor that will be called Wing, with its price expected to be $840. LG’s new smartphone will be unveiled on September 14.

LG confirmed the upcoming dual-screen smartphone will have the same name as its project name, according to the sources.

The South Korean tech firm reportedly had a list of names for the product, including “Swing,” but decided to go with “Wing.”

LG Wing Leaked Pictures Video
Image credit: YouTube/Android Authority

In a video invitation for the launch event, LG showed that the handset’s main display could rotate clockwise to reveal a secondary screen under it and create a T-shape design, reports Yonhap news agency.

LG was yet to confirm any specifications of the new mobile device, but foreign tech reviewers expected that it will have a 6.8-inch main panel and a smaller, 4-inch secondary screen.

They also predicted the new LG phone will have a triple camera setup, with a 64-megapixel main sensor.

LG Wing Smartphone
Image credit: YouTube/Android Authority

Industry insiders said LG’s upcoming smartphone will go on sale late this month or early October.

They expected the device to be sold with a price tag of over 1 million won in South Korea as it comes with two displays.

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LG said the upcoming device is made under its new smartphone initiative, Explorer Project, which aims to deliver distinctive and unique user experiences.

Under that initiative, the industry speculated that LG could unveil a smartphone with a rollable display next year.