Samsung To Roll Out Update To Fix Bug That Lets Anybody Unlock S10

samsung-galaxy-s10-s10-plus-and-s10eSamsung has reportedly said it will roll out a security update to fix a major vulnerability that let unregistered fingerprints unlock the firm’s flagship Galaxy S10 as claimed by a British user, the media reported.

The user named Lisa Neilson had installed a third-party, gel-based screen protector on her Galaxy S10, which apparently did not work well with ultra-sonic, in-display fingerprint scanner on the device.

Neilson spotted the issue when her husband unlocked her phone with his thumbprint, when it was stored in a cheap case.

When the S10 was launched in March, Samsung described the fingerprint authentication system as “revolutionary”, the BBC reported on Thursday.

South Korea’s online-only KaKao Bank told customers to switch off the fingerprint-recognition option to log in to its services until the issue was fixed, the report added.

The South Korean handset maker has, however, not provided any timeframe for the roll-out of this particular security patch.

It is also unclear which all phones or models are affected but given that the Galaxy S10, S10+ and the new Note 10 all use the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, it is quite likely that all these devices suffer from the same issue, according to Mashable.