Nokia Kinetic ‘bendy phone’ can be twisted and flexed

Nokia Kinetic Bendy Phone

We’ve seen flexible before and the Nokia Kinetic ‘bendy phone’ may merely be the next one in line. But the Finnish giant seems to be kicking it quite nicely in this direction going by the video clip of the bendable concept smartphone that was flaunted at the Nokia World 2011.

The bendable prototype of a phone found it hard to stay in the background in spite of all the Lumias and Ashas which were unveiled at the Nokia event. The Nokia Conversations channel on YouTube has posted a video of Tapani Jokinen from Advanced Design at Nokia showing off the gadget and waxing eloquent on its potential.

This device of the future doesn’t just feature a flexible display, but can actually be twisted and flexed as a whole. It’s the next generation in human-to-machine interaction and hence more than a plain old phone that bends. If Nokia does manage to mesh form and function into such a smartphone as seamlessly as they hope to, it could probably give the iPhone a run for its money in terms of game-changers.

Twistable across the vertical and horizontal planes, the Kinetic lets users control its various functions by simply twisting or bending it. Such small movements should be able to trigger the appropriate results and Jokinen even envisions the pressure-sensitive construct allowing people to pick up calls by squeezing the handset.

There’s nothing on the likely price and availability date of the Nokia Kinetic smartphone as of now. Who are we kidding? It’ll be a long way to go before commercial viability of the technology will allow something like this gizmo to hit the markets.