Sony Reader app hops onto Android devices

Sony Reader App

As web-age embraces mobility, several players in the mobile arena are trying to put their best foot forward. The news has it that Sony’s eReader application is now made available for the Android platform.

Sony has been flaunting its eReaders for quite some time now but didn’t indulge into the mobile arena. Now, with this move, the Sony Reader app can reach all those Android users using version 2.2. However, we also know that most devices aren’t yet running on Android 2.2.

Talking about the app, it lets users create and edit bookmarks and highlights. Moreover, users can also lay their hands on three classic titles and three excerpts from bestsellers. The font size is adjustable for a comfortable reading experience.

Designed for an on-the-go reading experience, users can sync their bookmarks and highlights with the Reader Daily Edition. The Sony app comes with support for ePub and PDF ebooks and also its own exclusive formats.

The Sony Reader for Android can be procured through Android Market and there’s one heading for iPhone through iTunes.