iBuzz Mobiles’ i4 SlimBuzz can pack in two SIM cards

iBuzz SlimBuzz

Dual SIM phones are undoubtedly useful for those who don’t like handling more than one device at a time in spite of the need to maintain separate numbers. iBuzz Mobiles’ first handset offering for the Indian market is the i4 SlimBuzz and it’s of the dual SIM variety.

The Opera Mini browser can be accessed through this 11mm thin phone’s 6.1cm QVGA color screen. It comes pre-installed with Java applications and lends support to sites like Twitter, Nimbuzz and Facebook. A 1.3MP camera on the bezel snaps up content and even allows the i4 to be utilized as a webcam via USB.

Covered by a special privacy protector, the ngpay wallet app enables owners to make payments and avail of certain banking facilities. The phone may be used as a modem and offers external memory expandability of up to 8GB. 4.5 hours of talk time, GPRS and stereo Bluetooth are also featured among the other major specs.

iBuzz Mobiles has released the phone at major outlets across Delhi, India. The exact pricing details have yet to receive a clear mention.